7 Reasons Why People Opt To Have Teeth Implants

Teeth often require extraction due to periodontal disease or severe degradation. According to the Australian Dental Journal, periodontal diseases are relatively common among Australian adults. Approximately three out of ten Australian adults suffer from moderate or severe periodontitis.

Many Australian adults are bound to lose a few teeth eventually, given the prevalence of periodontitis. For most people, partial or full bridges or dentures are the most affordable tooth replacement options. Although these options are very accessible, dental implants are by far the best option for replacing missing teeth.

Tooth implants are versatile, with uses ranging from replacing one or multiple teeth to supporting dentures and even acting as bridge structures. Here are seven reasons why people prefer getting tooth implants.

1. Dental Implants Are Superior to Dentures

As mentioned earlier, dentures are cheap and widely accessible. Although they provide an almost immediate solution to replacing missing teeth, they are not a viable solution for people seeking long-term replacements.

Dentures have a high risk of falling out and can cause self-esteem issues among people who wear them, especially if it happens in public. They can also cause sunken lips/cheeks, mouth sores, and food restrictions if they fit poorly.

Dental implants, on the other hand, present none of these challenges. They are permanent, aesthetically pleasing, and designed to fit the mouth with great precision.

2. Excellent Tooth Replacement Option

The cost of getting dental implants in Brisbane is quite steep. However, they are worth every dollar. Dental implants are the most reliable option for people who have lost several teeth.

Besides having the highest success rate, dental implants can last more than 30 years without requiring any correction or replacement. Dental implants use a porcelain coating to achieve a natural look and feel. With proper dental hygiene practices, dental implants can look and function as normal, healthy teeth would.

3. Restored Chewing Ability

Without teeth, eating becomes quite a challenge. Since dentures only restore partial chewing ability, people who use them have to endure eating restrictions, e.g., only concerning fluids or mashed foods instead of solid foods.

Dental implants restore full chewing ability since they are rooted in the jawbone, just like natural teeth. This enables even senior citizens to enjoy their favorite foods once again. The beauty of dental implants is that they do not require extra maintenance besides regular flossing and brushing.

4. Durability

Traditional dentures are prone to deterioration or breaking with time — this forces denture wearers to replace them periodically. Dental implants are a lot stronger and need less maintenance. This combination of attributes reduces the need for costly dental visits, denture replacements, adhesives, and creams. Although implants have a high initial cost, they are very cost-effective in the long run.

5. Enhanced Appearance

Among the most significant downsides of tooth loss is the sudden change in facial appearance. The jaws become slack, and the lips and cheeks appear sunken, a common condition among older adults who have lost multiple teeth.

Dental implants enhance facial and bone features while restoring the jawbone’s structure by retaining the teeth’s natural tissue and reducing excess pressure on the residual teeth or oral structures. Implants also keep the natural teeth in place and prevent them from shifting to empty spaces for people who have lost a few teeth. Overall, dental implants help to retain normal facial features or even enhance them.

6. Reduced Speech Impairment

Having many missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures not only affects appearance but also makes speech difficult. People with poorly fitting dentures especially may find themselves mumbling as they struggle to keep their dentures in place. Additionally, there have been multiple reported cases of lisp among denture wearers.

Dental implants are more secure since they are rooted in the jawbone. This allows for communication that is more effective since they hardly get in the way of speech.

7. Enhanced Quality of Life

Numerous studies suggest a strong link between tooth loss and depression. Missing teeth can limit a person’s will to attend social events and consequently trigger depression. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this effect by getting dental implants.

Final Thoughts

Although getting dental implants instead of traditional dentures is more expensive, implants offer greater convenience and are undoubtedly the best way to restore your smile. Book an appointment with Brisbane Smiles today to get your implants installed and solve any other dental issues.


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