7 Simple Secrets to Finding Happiness


We all want to be happy. We look for happiness everywhere, but what if the answers aren’t where we expect them? Well, they’re not all these wonderful things around us – they are just that: all these wonderful things! It’s really about how you feel inside and how you react to those things. It’s about your attitude towards life. It’s not something that happens to you; it’s something you choose. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is not the absence of problems. Happiness comes from facing our problems and finding solutions. It’s hard to be happy when you are constantly looking for happiness in all the wrong places. The key to feeling happy and content is learning how to love yourself and your life, instead of waiting for someone or something else to make you happy.

What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is an emotion that can mean many different things to many different people. Some might say it’s the ability to live life happily, while others might claim it’s the result of living a happy life. But what is happiness? Is it feeling like you’ve accomplished something meaningful in your life, or maybe it knows that someone cares about you and appreciates who you are as a person? Happiness involves more than just having fun or being entertained; true happiness comes from connecting with other people.

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Maintain good health

Maintaining good health is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why people are always on the lookout for ways to improve their health. Spiritual healing workshops are an effective way to maintain good health. The spiritual healing workshops online are held in different locations and through them, people learn how to heal themselves with the help of meditation and spirituality.

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These spiritual healing workshops online for free are available to everyone. They contain a very powerful meditation that will help you clear emotional blockages and open your heart chakra. It is a simple, effective way to develop your psychic abilities and begin the process of spiritual awakening. The first step in this practice asks you to simply choose a color or word that feels right for you – something that inspires hope, imagination, creativity, fun.

There are numerous methods of spiritual healing and energy work, and you don’t need to be a guru or a saint to practice them. You can start today by attending these spiritual healing workshops online for free. If your living situation allows it, consider getting together with friends for meditation, yoga classes, life coaching forums, and more. Meetings like this help keep you motivated and accountable when starting out on the path of personal development.

Express gratitude

According to research, being grateful makes us happier. Appreciating what we have gives us delight when we take a step back from taking things for granted and the never-ending list of needs and wants we have. The wonderful thing about thankfulness is that you don’t need anything to experience it. A shift in viewpoint is all that is necessary. If you want to, you can feel it right now.

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You’re not bored, as the proverb says. If you don’t now have something that inspires you or motivates you to move forward in life, you’re probably not going to find it after you’re retired… “You’re boring.”

You won’t likely live to be 80, so don’t worry if you don’t have anything exciting to do before then. People who have a purpose in life live longer in addition to being happier and healthier.

Find Purpose

Happiness is a noble aim, and it seems that most people are working toward it. Contrary to popular assumption, however, you won’t succeed in reaching it by chasing it for its own sake, putting your attention on yourself, or obtaining the conventional markers of success.

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In actuality, there are more sources of happiness than these, and one of these is a feeling of purpose. Happiness is important because it makes us feel good and because it improves our physical and mental health. It is associated with increased life satisfaction and an increased capacity to give back to the community.

Purpose isn’t that big however, with purpose, it may be pressure-filled. One common misconception is that purpose is predicated on resolving massive problems like world hunger or peace. Even while these are admirable goals it is equally important to wake up every day and give your all in order to contribute your own special talents and abilities.

As the old saying goes: “You’re not bored. You’re boring.” If you don’t have anything you’re passionate about, something that drives you forward in life right now — well, you’re probably not going to suddenly discover it when you’re retired.

Nurture your relationship

You can frequently ponder the question, “What makes life happy?” Is it money, celebrity, branded accessories, a better education, or the job of your dreams?

If you are unhappy in your interpersonal connections, none of the aforementioned comforts will help. By taking care of your connections, you may make a delightful emotional investment. Make an effort to maintain contact with your buddies despite your hectic schedule. Spend time with your parents and other family members. Make real and deliberate attempts for your spouse and give them praise.

We have a natural desire to get near and personal with other people. We are considerably more likely to be happy if we have close, loving connections with our family members, healthy marriages, and supportive friendships. Action items: Set aside some time today to spend with the people you care about, to express your affection for them, to listen to them, and to further your relationship with them.

You will soon benefit from your efforts for the people you care about. You’ll feel content with yourself, which will result in a happy existence. Make time for your loved ones every day.

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Highlight the positive

Positive thinking is one of the best way to achieve your goals and in turn, can lead to happiness too. Optimism and self-esteem are some of the best indicators of people who lead happy lives.

People who are joyful and unhappy have distinct worldviews. Eight out of ten times, when forced to interpret the world, a miserable person will find something wrong with an event. Eight out of 10 times, a person who is content will find the bright side.

People that are content feel in charge of their lives, are empowered, and have a good attitude on the world. Make it a practice to think positively. In fact, you should make this one of your first habits. Make it a habit to squelch any negative ideas and exchange them for constructive ones. Think “I can” rather than “I can’t” instead. Although that may seem cheesy, it has always worked for many.

Practice kindness

Helping others and sensing that your deeds are altering someone’s life has a certain magical charm. It comes naturally to treat others and yourself with compassion and generosity.

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Simply put, being kind causes your body to naturally produce feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins. Thus, demonstrating kindness, compassion, and gratitude may improve your mood, strengthen your immune system, delay the effects of aging, lessen discomfort, and even lengthen your life. One the more favored techniques for altering how your feel, such as feeling stressed or worried, is to choose to think and feel positive thoughts about someone you find tough before engaging or responding to them.

Find strategies to develop your compassion.  You can place a shopping bag on someone’s door or put a smile on a stranger’s face. You never know how much of a difference one small act of compassion can make. Nothing is trivial. As a saying by Jack Kornfield goes: “Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.”

Find your work–life balance

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Work takes up a lot of our day, but it shouldn’t be the only thing we do. It’s important to pursue activities and interests beyond our job. Do you have a hobby? Are you spending time with friends and loved ones? Are you getting exercise? Creating balance in your life will reduce stress and give you other outlets to express yourself and have fun.


Our minds are wired in many different ways, thus, happiness can be often elusive. Our brains instead have developed to help us live, defend ourselves, and remain secure. Yes, we do experience joy and have times when we are happy and fulfilled. But a lot of us struggle with enduringly bad feelings.

The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human need, and it’s what drives us to live our best lives. But there are so many different ways to define the term, and sometimes we get lost in the expectations of others or even ourselves.