7 Smart Gadgets Women Can Use for Self-Defense

No matter where they go or whom they’re with, women are oftentimes targeted by criminals. While it’s important to educate our youth on consent and boundaries, a woman can never be dependent on the good behavior of others whenever she leaves her home, especially if she is planning to go out with a stranger she’s meeting for the first time. Learning self-defense is essential, but it also takes time. On the other hand, criminals can be armed, and women must be prepared to defend themselves before they can get to safety.

If you’re wondering how you can discreetly stay safe without purchasing an illegal weapon, here are seven gadgets that you can invest in to stay safe.

  1. Safelet

As the name suggests, a safelet is a bracelet that looks like a generic piece of jewelry, but it functions differently. It comes in a myriad of styles and colors, and it usually has two buttons that can be pressed to send messages to a trusted contact with a request to call the emergency number. While this is not a weapon, it’s best used when you’re going to a new place or meeting a stranger. This bracelet can be programmed to connect to an app, which your trusted contact will have downloaded. Wearers can discreetly press one of the buttons on their bracelet to record a conversation while the app calls 911, or to notify a trusted contact that they’re in a risky situation.

  1. Stun Gun

While it wouldn’t be very discreet to walk around with a gun in your handbag, a stun gun usually does the job and it’s perfectly legal for residents to own in some liberal states like California. However, these states also have high crime rates and some strict restrictions on gun ownership, which makes it difficult for women to stay safe. If you’re not familiar with what defense weapons you can legally purchase, you can click here to learn more. A stun gun, however, is legal in most states, as it’s considered a less-lethal weapon that can stun an attacker to give you time to flee to safety.

  1. Pepper Spray Pistol

Pepper spray, in general, is a great tool to have handy that can quickly stun your attacker; however, regular sprays require you to be close to your attacker to be able to aim for the eyes. If you miss, you might end up making the situation more dangerous. On the other hand, a pepper spray pistol both looks more intimidating and functions more efficiently. You don’t have to aim for the eyes, as a pistol can also irritate skin, which can be excruciating for the attacker and can stun them for long enough for you to be able to get to safety.  To be aware of what you are buying, you can check out pepper spray gun reviews before making a purchase.

  1. Lipstick Shaped Flashlight

If you’re wondering why a flashlight can possibly keep you safe, it’s because these smart gadgets also work as mini tasers that can stun your attacker for a few minutes. These weapons look very discreet, as though they’re part of your makeup collection. They come with a rechargeable battery and can be used to send a direct electric shock to a potential attacker which can be very painful, but not lethal.

  1. ACT Sonata Watch

This is one of the most discreet gadgets on the list. While it can be a great addition to your wardrobe and fashion accessories, it can also keep you safe. These watches can be linked to the ACT mobile application, where you can list your trusted contacts or guardians. Through the gadget, which looks like a conventional analog watch, you can send alerts to your contacts or call the emergency number.

  1. Smart Pendant

While this piece of jewelry looks mesmerizing, it will surely keep you and your loved ones safe. These necklaces can be used to send alerts to a list of trusted contacts or guardians with a GPS location. Your guardians can then call the emergency number on your behalf to send help to where you are.

  1. Sound Grenade

This is probably the only kind of grenade that you can legally purchase to defend yourself. This device can be unplugged to alert everyone around you that you’re in a risky situation, blasting 120 Db of a siren call to alert people as far as 100 meters away from you. Although non-lethal, this device usually has the attacker fleeing from the premises immediately.

It’s essential for women to stay safe, especially if they’re planning to meet a stranger for the first time. Keeping these gadgets handy will help you stay protected in situations that require you to physically defend yourself. Of course, these legal weapons are best paired with some self-defense techniques. Use these weapons only as a last resort if you have to, and flee to safety as soon as possible before you can report the attacker. If you interested about digital survival guide then you check Dark Age Defence Reviews.