7 Summer Fashion Accessories For Every Guy

Oh, summer, how we love you! After long cold winter days, nothing makes the heart sing like sunshine and warm temperatures.

It’s the time when nature awakens and blossoms, inspiring us to look our best too. And one of the best ways for a guy to make an extra effort is to accessorise.

Whether you like going all out or prefer something subtle, there are ways to celebrate life with fashion for everyone.

Here are 7 summer fashion accessories for every guy.


Bracelets are the number one accessory that any guy can pull off.

For the summer, we suggest opting for natural materials to be one with the elements. We’re talking leather, canvas, stone or stainless steel.

Get a few bracelets for different occasions. Canvas will be great for the beach, leather for an understated everyday look and stone beads will give good vibes wherever you go (and they’re resistant to sweat, lotions and other chemicals, which is what you want for a hot day).

And if you like to feel really manly, stainless still is a great choice, as it looks great, is hard to scratch and is resistant to even the harshest environments.


Is it even summer if you’re not wearing cool sunglasses? They not only give the necessary protection for your eyes but are also a statement piece of any outfit.

We recommend having at least a couple of pairs, one classic Police or Ray-Bans for every day and any outfit and a statement pair in bold frames or colourful lenses for those times you want to have more fun.

With these bad boys, all you need to look extra fine you need is classic denim trousers and high-quality men’s black v-neck t-shirts like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees. Boom!


A cool hat gets two birds with one stone – it’s protection from heat stroke and a rad accessory.

These days anything goes as long as it works for you – Panamas, fedoras, straw hats, bucket hats and good old baseball caps.

Our recommendation is to get a few for different occasions such as a beach, a city stroll and a classy summer garden event.

Pocket Square

Hear us out. Pocket squares might seem like a thing from the past, but they add so much oomph to even the most basic tailored looks.

If you like to keep it simple, pick something in nice bright colour, but if you’re up for more, pick a floral square and trust us, you’ll get more compliments and approving looks than ever!

Floral pocket squares work best with casual and unstructured blazers and suits.


On that note, why not try a neckerchief too? Unlike a scarf, it has no real function but provides so much aesthetic value!

You have to commit to the neckerchief and wear it with confidence if you’re going to pull it off. The aim should be to add a pop of colour or a point of difference to a look – neckerchiefs are flamboyant and can jazz up even the plainest clothing.

A woven belt

A woven belt is a summer wardrobe staple. It’s great for those summer linen slacks and chino shorts worn with a nice floral shirt or a simple plain t-shirt.

Woven belts help you avoid looking too formal and stiff during the season where relaxation is essential.

If you want to replicate the 90s preppy vibes, wear your belt with the Bermuda shorts, paired with a polo shirt and boat shoes. This will create the ultimate holiday look and bring a few smiles your way.

A simple watch 

Forget your fancy Swiss watches until the fall and opt for a simple, plain canvas or leather strap watch. It will look much better with the summer wardrobe than those bulky things.

It’s also more breathable and doesn’t weigh you down. If you don’t like canvas or leather, you can always opt for a nice wooden watch or even a classic electronic waterproof watch for those long days at the beach!