7 Things Only TCG Enthusiasts Will Understand

Gamers are often misunderstood. People look at them and they see awkward introverts who lack social skills. While this may be true, it is not because they are not good in social situations. It is mostly because they are always drifting off and thinking about their next gaming session. If that is true for video game players, it is even more so for trading card game (TCG) players who have many intricate worlds to navigate and a ton of challenging battles to go through. Not many people are interested in TCG, despite them being genuinely entertaining. Here are 7 things only TCG enthusiasts would understand.

1. It’s Just as Fun as Video Games

If you went to a person who has played video games all their lives and told them to try playing a TCG, chances are they will tell you off. They are used to the excitement of holding a console and using it to navigate worlds on a screen. So, telling them that they need to use their imagination just a little bit more to get into TCGs isn’t something they’d understand. Yet, card trading games are every bit as interesting as video ones, if not more, especially considering the fact that many of them have very interesting histories behind them –– manga series and/or anime, and much more.

2. It Is Worth the Investment

One more quirk that TCG players have, which is even frowned upon in the gaming world, is how they spend a lot of money on those cards and their accessories. Yet, for TCG enthusiasts, it is more than worth the investment. You find them purchasing intricately designed mtg card protectors and playmats to accommodate their playing cards and keep them in excellent shape. When you see those carefully crafted designs and understand just how they play into the whole trading card game world, you will understand why TCG enthusiasts go to such great lengths to get the best accessories to complement their sets.

3. The Bond with the Characters

One great thing about TCG is the fact that they leave much room for the imagination, and the human mind can be a very powerful thing in that department. You end up developing certain bonds and relationships with your heroes, and they end up becoming much more than cards you throw in a battlefield. They become your friends and camaraderie is formed in a way. This would sound laughable to non-gamers, and even those who are heavily invested in video games. But TCG players know that this is a thing, and they get so excited when they see their favorite characters in a live-action film or anime.

4. The Background Matters

Video games like God of War 4 and Witcher 3 are fascinating, and you can start playing those even if you’ve never played the earlier versions. Yet, with TCG enthusiasts, the history and background matter. They can’t just pick up a card game and start playing; they need more substance and a significant connection to the game and characters to become really invested in the game. This is the case with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, which all had a history behind the games.

5. It’s Not as Easy as It Seems

A lot of gamers look down on trading card games, and they assume they are easy and stupid. Needless to say, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A game like Yu-Gi-Oh alone is arguably more complicated than any video game ever made. The rules and gameplay are so intricate and detailed, it would take you weeks, if not months, to truly master the game and be good at it.

6. Quality Is Everything

There is a reason why TCG enthusiasts spend a lot of money on their cards and accessories; to them, quality is everything. Rare cards in mint condition can be ridiculously expensive, and people still pay good money to buy them because they are valuable. Some of those cards go well over $500, which is more than the price of a PlayStation now.

7. You Are Not Alone

Perhaps the most important thing that TCG enthusiasts understand is the fact that they are not alone. No matter how much your friends and family make fun of you for this passion, there are hundreds of other people like you around the world. You just need to find them.

Trading card games are fun and interesting, but those are things you would never be able to appreciate until you fully immerse yourself in the experience. So, what have you got to lose? Talk to your TCG enthusiastic friend, and try it out for yourself.

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