7 Things to Consider in Choosing a Landscaping Company


Your lawn and landscaping makes up a large portion of the enjoyment and value of your home. Great landscaping design by expert services from Tulsa Landscaping Companies can dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal making the investment more than worthwhile.

Consider the following seven things when hiring any landscaping services:

1. Time Frame for Completion of the Project

Discuss the time frame in which you want your project completed. A good landscaping company wants to make every effort to meet deadlines. Tacking your landscaping as a DIY project can result in expensive mistakes and a do-over. Professional landscapers have the expertise to complete projects correctly the first time around saving homeowners both time and money.

2. Range and Capabilities

It makes your job as a homeowner much easier when one company has a wide range of capabilities. Otherwise, you will have to hire multiple contractors. To avoid this, look for a company that can perform a variety of tasks from mowing lawns to snow removal. Both large and smaller companies should have the capability of offering personalized customer service. Look for a company with extra vehicles and staff on standby as needed.

3. Concept and Design

Together with an estimate of costs, reputable landscapers provide customers with designs either hand-drawn or computer generated. Landscaping design is a highly creative process, and you will find that every landscaper has a certain style and plant choice. Check to see if these styles and ideas are a match to your own tastes. They should be able to provide you with a portfolio of their work. Choose accordingly and align their style with your vision.

4. Soil Preparation

Preparing the soil for your project is a huge part of any landscaping job. Some experts claim it’s as much as 80 percent of the work. The landscaper you hire should probably spend a great deal of time digging and preparing the soil correctly. They should know what components your soil will need to be successful with what you want to be planted.

5. Communication with Landscapers

A good landscaper should welcome the opportunity to let you know what’s going on, how the work is progressing, and what you can expect as the final outcome of the project. Plants will be small initially, and you’ll want to know how the lawn and garden will look after things have had time to get established and grow. They should be able to address any concerns you may have. During the installation process is the best time to ask your landscaper questions.

6. Track Record and References

Don’t depend on a terrific-looking website or well-spoken salesperson. The best thing to do before deciding on a company is to consider their reputation. Ask for references. Find others to ask about their experience with a particular company. Look for a company that has worked with homes or businesses comparable to yours.  Be sure to check out options like Couvillion’s Landscapes and others for great help.

7. Insurance and Security

Check the contract the company gives you and make sure it outlines any liability in case of damages to your property caused by the crew, as well as injuries family member could encounter. A reputable company will offer full liability and be responsible for any damages and related costs.

Be sure to look for a quality construction company for all your landscaping design projects.

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