7 Tips for Cottage Safety


Cottage seasons are remarkably popular all over the world. During the summer heat in July and August, the cottage owners become best friends of every individual and family. Even though your cottage home insurance backs you, you must still take safety measures when you are on vacation. Here we have a list of 7 tips for cottage safety, which might be common sense but essential in holidays.

7 Ultimate Cottage Safety Tips

Cottages are one of the go-to places for family and individuals during summer vacation. So, it is crucial to follow safety measures before and during your stay in a cottage.

Before you arrive at your destined cottage, you must ensure that you have all the safety measures checked. For instance, make sure your car functions well, including the engine, lights, signals, and tire pressure.

Moreover, you must carry a first-aid kit with you that has all the necessary medication supplies. Additionally, you can emphasize on being prepared with any kind of mobile network issues by carrying extra sim-cards and chargers. Finally, check the cottage’s safety facilities beforehand and gather as much knowledge as possible about the area and surroundings.

Once you have reached your destination, it is not the duty of the owner only to ensure your safety. Nevertheless, you will still have to check and follow safety tips as well. The following 7 tips are intended for your complete safety. They must be followed and verified by both the visitor and the owner.

1. Railings are the Most Vital Feature

Many cottages have the fragile railings on the verandah. This is a precarious aspect of a cottage that harms its reputation and endangers visitors’ lives.

So, owners must make sure that the railings are solidly built. This is even more crucial for cottages over the hill. Those cottages must have solid, durable, and stable rails. In addition, as a visitor, you should also check and recheck the railings and build quality before booking a cottage.

2. Rules and Regulations on Alcohol Consumption

An owner of a cottage can impose drinking restrictions inside the cottage to maintain harmony and a peaceful environment. Some cottages restrict any kind of alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, as a visitor, one should be careful and check whether any sort of limitation is imposed or not. Alcohol restriction or minimum consumption is fruitful in preserving the natural harmony of the area.

3. Carry Extra Blankets or Sleeping Bags

It is always beneficial to carry extra sets of blankets in the woods. When you invite any guest to your cottage, they will likely spend the night there. Having extra sleeping bags can help everyone in the scenario.

4. Build a fire near Water or Sand

You should build any campfire near a river or lake when you are visiting a cottage. In addition, if you are lighting a fire inside the cottage, keep a bucket of water or sand beside the fireplace.

Moreover, remove any debris and dry leaves around the fireplace to avoid accidents. Fire is evident to cause catastrophic disasters in the woods and cottages. So, it is paramount to maintain the highest safety measures.

5. Emphasize on Life Jackets

As you are travelling someplace remote, you will surely indulge in fun activities like kayaking, boating, or even fishing. It is best to carry life jackets on your own to the cottage, and everywhere you go around. Moreover, cottage owners can store life jackets for visitors to use during their stay. This might even earn them extra credit.

6. Upgrading the Cottage

Even though cottages sound old-school and vintage, they need upgrading as well. For example, cottages should have a proper fire alarm and CO systems installed. Visitors must check before booking their stay.

In addition, modern cottages should have appropriate fuel-fired appliances and fire safety measures installed inside. The majority of the cottages are vintage and passed down from grandparents, so modernizing them is extremely necessary.

7. Communication is Key

Finally, talking with each family member or friend visiting with you is very important to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Make sure everyone is comfortable inside the cottage and with the surroundings. Also, talk to the neighbours to know about the security of the area beforehand.

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Holidays spent at cottages are extremely exciting, fun, and relaxing. So, maintaining safety measures is absolutely vital not only for your loved ones but also for the environment. The 7 step safety tips are created to ensure the well-being of people and nature. Everyone should follow them point by point.

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