7 Tips to Prepare for a Wine Tasting


Wine tasting has become a popular activity for people all over the world. From Sonoma, California to Cape Winelands in South Africa, there are numerous places for people to try exquisite wines. Tasting is a great way to refine your palate and to find wines you enjoy and may want to keep in your abode. However, if you are planning your first wine tasting excursion, then you may be nervous about doing the wrong thing. There is nothing to worry about, and here are some tips to get ready and anticipate what will happen.

Eat Prior to the Wine Tasting

Tasting sessions involve gently sipping wine, and over time, you can certainly feel tipsy. Therefore, it works to your advantage to have a full meal beforehand. Having something in your stomach will make it easier on your body to absorb the alcohol, so you will not feel as intoxicated.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is recommended to bring a water bottle with you to the tasting although the site will likely have water available. You should drink as much water as wine. This also helps with warding off intoxication.

Avoid Coffee and Gum

You want to get the full flavor of the wine. If you drink coffee or chew gum directly before the tasting, then you risk compromising your palate. Both those substances are incredibly strong, and you may not enjoy yourself as much if all the wine has the subtle hint of coffee.

Do Not Wear Heavy Perfumes

Your sense of smell is intricately linked with your sense of taste. If you wear a heavy perfume or cologne, then you may have a different sensation from tasting certain wines. Additionally, everyone in the room is not going to be thrilled with you because they may smell your perfume, which impacts their experiences. You should also take heed if you are a smoker. You do not want the scent of tobacco on your clothing because it will impact the experience for everybody. That includes any vape pens or e-cigarettes. Avoid all this the day of your Sonoma wine tasting, so you do not become the pariah in the group.

Dress Comfortably

Many wine tours require the group to walk uphill through vineyards. While you should dress in a casually chic manner, you want to make sure you wear shoes that will be comfy to walk in. You should also avoid wearing white because you never know if you may spill some wine on yourself.

Plan for a Way To Get Home

Whether you will be driving home or to your hotel, you want to make accommodations in advance. Police often stake out areas around vineyards because they know people who were just on a wine tour will try to drive home. Be responsible and plan transportation ahead of time. Do not ruin a fun occasion by getting a DUI.

Be Courteous

Be nice to everyone you come into contact with during a tasting. If you are able to, then you should purchase a wine. Many of the employees receive commissions based on sales, so you can really help someone out. It is advised to budget money ahead of time, so you are prepared to make a purchase when the time comes. If you cannot afford an expensive bottle of wine, then you can at least tip the staff or write a letter to the manager afterward. Give a shout out to any employee who went above and beyond to help you.

At the end of the day, you just need to be ready to have some fun. You will try some incredible wines and have one-of-a-kind experiences.

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