7 Top Wedding Planning Tips That Could Come In Handy

Anyone who has ever taken on the planning side of a wedding knows that there is always valuable information that you can take away after the event that makes you wish you’ve known it while you were planning your wedding. From the challenges of working out seating charts to all the numerous details that needs overseeing to ensure a perfect day. To help you with the planning phase, we have gathered these helpful tips to share with you to plan the most important day of your life.


Discuss the budget truthfully and comprehensively before doing anything. Work out the exact amounts. This can make planning more straightforward and avoid any misunderstandings or uncertainty.

DIY Weddings

Make sure you plan accordingly and prepare for your marriage. If you are doing a DIY project, start way ahead of time. An entire Pinterest page is dedicated to fails for this precise reason. You never know when fresh inspiration will strike, therefore do not wait until the wedding is around the corner. You want the day to be a success.


It might be tempting to ask a friend or family member to take your wedding photos, however, bear in mind, this is your big day and you want to capture all the memories of the day so that you can look at them for years to come and remember your special day. It is worth budgeting for a professional photographer like Camarie photography to capture all your special moments. Consider ordering or preparing a picnic basket for the bridal party to enjoy while taking photos with you. The bridal party often miss out on introductory cocktails between the ceremony and reception and the photo sessions tend to take a while.

Book Everything Early

The perfect way to secure the best vendors according to your budget and style without having to compromise is to plan and book early. It gives you time to unwind in the few days leading up to the big day instead of having a few things on the to-do-list left unchecked.

Plan you Seating Chart

Work on your seating chart as early as possible. It can be more stressful than you anticipated. Once you have gotten this task out of the way, you can focus on all the other arrangements and work according to number of guests that will be attending.

Seek Advice From Trusted Sources

Make sure who are your go-to people to ask for advice when you are planning your wedding. It helps to have your best friend, mom, or both to ask for guidance or their opinion and stick to them. With too many opinions going around, it can become too overwhelming.

Values And Communication

Begin with the values you and your fiancée have. A short list of what your values are can help when making all your decisions with ease. Communication is key for any successful event. Create clear expectations for the vendors and bridal party and be transparent in your wedding week itinerary. Excellent communication ensure that your expectations are met.