7 Types of CBD Products You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

CBD is becoming a very popular product as more people learn of its medical benefits for things like pain relief, anxiety treatment, and sleep quality. Those that know about CBD likely already know the most common forms that you can find it in. That includes things like CBD oil, premium CBD softgels, and vape oil.

However, with the wide range of medical applications being researched, there are now tons of different types of CBD products out there. Many of them you likely never would have imagined. Here are 7 types of CBD you didn’t know existed but should definitely buy!

1. Skin Patches

The most well known and established property of CBD is pain relief. It is able to reduce the sensations of pain as well as reduce inflammation, which is an additional factor for causing pain. If you’ve already tried Icy Hot skin patches or similar products before, you know how effective they can be.

Well, now you can get CBD transdermal patches (aka skin patches) to help with location-specific pain. Like Icy Hot patches, they work best with the types of pain that are closer to the surface of your skin. It can be great for things like sore muscles, back or neck pain, or bruising. It will be less effective for general body aches or chronic pain issues like arthritis.

2. Shampoo & Conditioner

While there is little to no research proving that CBD can help with hair or scalp health, many natural ingredients found in hair products share properties with CBD. For example, the best ingredients for hair products include things like antioxidants, various vitamins, and proteins like Omega 3.

Well, it just so happens that CBD is an extremely rich source of all those things. That’s why you can find CBD hair products. You may want to wait to see research confirm that CBD can help with hair, but trying it out now won’t hurt you! You might find it gives you great looking hair.

3. Lotions & Balms

Sticking with the same theme, you can also find CBD included in all kinds of beauty products: anti-aging creams, skin lotion, CBD balm, lip balms, and so on. Again, there is no formal research to prove that CBD can help with beauty and skin health.

However, just like with shampoo you will find that most beauty products also rely on ingredients that are rich in the same nutrients. So it should come as no surprise that if it’s already included in shampoo, you can also find CBD beauty products as well.

4. Acne Cream

Acne creams and treatments work on some of the same principles as other skin and beauty products. The antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins greatly help improve skin health. However, when it comes to acne you will find that CBD has one other very important property: it is an amazing anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation of the skin is one of the most common causes of an acne breakout. That’s why CBD used in acne creams can be such a big help for some people. There is also some early research that shows that CBD may also help reduce excess oil production in your skin.

5. Bath Salts

Some people love to take baths. It might be to relax, or to help ease sore and aching muscles after a long and hard day. Either way, you likely already know how popular things like bath bombs and bath salts are. Some bath salts are even used to reduce skin inflammation for treatment of eczema.

Enter CBD bath salts. All its beneficial properties for skin health make it a great ingredient for soothing baths. And if you have either issues of pain or skin conditions that are exacerbated by inflammation, you may find that CBD will also help manage your condition.

6. Steeped Tea

Drinking tea is like taking a hot bath. It’s enjoyable in its own right for how relaxing it can be, but it is also used for medical benefits at times. It is possible to steep cannabis leaves directly, but you will mostly find steeped tea that has CBD as an additive.

One of the big properties of CBD, aside from pain relief, is its ability to treat nausea. For anyone feeling sick, having CBD tea can help soothe your stomach. It can also help you improve the quality of your sleep for people who drink decaf tea before bed to help them sleep.

7. Pet Treats & Supplements

Take everything you’ve read about CBD and how it can help with various health issues, and you can apply almost all of them to pets. It can help relieve pain, it can soothe their stomachs if they’re sick, and it can reduce their anxiety.

One caveat is to be careful about the strains of CBD used in pet products, as some can be toxic to animals. But considering how much people love their dogs and cats, it should be no surprise that you will find CBD in various treats, food and supplements.

See any new CBD product you never heard of but want to buy? Have fun with it! Even if research is still underway to prove the health benefits, most of these are everyday products that include CBD as an additional ingredient. They won’t hurt you to try, and you may find that they help you.