7 Unique Loft Conversion Ideas to Help Transform Your Home


Do you have a loft space in your home that is currently being unused because you aren’t sure what to do with the extra space? There are many great ways to use the loft in your home and get the most out of the space you have.

Keep reading to learn some great loft conversion ideas that will have your creative juices flowing and loving your new space.

1. An Extra Bedroom

If you have a lot of room in your loft then you should consider putting it to good use by creating an extra bedroom. This secret room can bring a wonderful element of surprise to your home and can add much-needed living space to your existing floor plan.

Before getting started creating your room you should prepare the space and determine whether or not you need to add insulation, drywall, and you will need to learn about loft boarding. Once the loft has been carefully prepared as living quarters you are ready for the fun part, painting and decorating.

Since most loft spaces are on the smaller size you should choose a light or neutral color palette for painting the walls. This will help the room feel lighter and larger. Use warm woods and occasional darker accents to give the room a welcoming feel while staying interesting.

Before purchasing furniture, measure the room and determine the layout of your pieces. This will help you when shopping so you find pieces that will work in your space and will not be oversized. Furniture that has storage options built-in will also enhance the functionality of your loft space.

Most lofts have roof windows that will allow a nice amount of natural light through, not to mention the great views. However, blinds should be added for comfort when trying to sleep or have some privacy.

2. An Extra Bathroom

If you have plenty of livable space, but not enough bathrooms, then adding a bathroom to your loft conversion is a great way to make use of your space. If you have enough room, this is a great opportunity to add some luxury to your bathroom facilities.

Since loft spaces often have low ceilings you can place a freestanding bath under the slope, or if you have enough height a shower would be great. Keep the space simple with a traditional color palette, clean lines, and wood furnishings and you will have a great space to escape to when you need some time to yourself.

3. A Place for Hobbies

Your loft space is the perfect place for creating a game room, music room or home cinema. This gives you an opportunity to have a dedicated space for all the things you love to play or do without taking up room in the rest of the house.

If you are planning on using the loft for activities that might be noisy, you should consider soundproofing the room to keep everyone downstairs, or next door, happy. Adding thermal insulation to the walls, acoustic mineral wool between the floor joists, or opting for carpeting instead of hardwood floors is all great ways to muffle the sound so you and your family or friends can have plenty of fun without the worry.

4. Add a Home Library

If you have a love for reading but not enough room for your books, then adding a home library to your loft space is the perfect addition to your home. You can utilize the already existing architecture of your loft by adding shelving between the roof beams to create a rustic look. Or create a finished wall of bookshelves.

You should add some cozy seating near the back of the library or under a window. This will create a nice little reading nook that you can spend some time in and you’ll never want to leave.

5. A Home Office

If you are looking for another way to make your empty loft space into something productive, you should consider creating a home office. Depending on the dimensions of your room you can create a built-in desk or storage and utilize the natural light from the roof windows.

If you work from home often and have children, then this is a great place for a quiet workspace. Plus you will have a great view of the outdoors for when you find your mind wandering or need a mental break.

6. Create Extra Closet Space

A great way to make use of your loft space is by creating a walk-in closet. This is especially useful if your master bedroom is connected in some way to it.

You can have custom cabinets, shelving, or cubbies installed to hang your clothes or store bulky items such as luggage. If you need to add some natural lighting install some skylights and make use of the location of your new closet.

7. Make a Kids Zone

What could be better, as a kid, then your own secret room created just for yourself? If you have a decent size loft space then creating a special room for your kids is a perfect idea.

This room could be a play area where your children can keep all of their toys which would help cut clutter throughout the rest of the house. It could also be turned into an extra space for when their friends come over to stay the night. Extra beds could be built into the walls leaving the floor space open and allowing the kids to have a special place to spend time with their friends long into the night hours.

Learn More Loft Conversion Ideas Today!

Whichever you decide is sure to be the perfect choice for you and your family. Lastly, how much does a loft conversion cost generally depends on what you are looking to do with the space.

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