7 Vital Tips Beginners should follow for Music Production


We all love music. It is hard to imagine our lives without it and if you are a music fanatic who loves to make new songs, it is equivalent to breathing for you. Isn’t it? Producing Music is not an easy task but not a difficult one too, provided you learn the required skill sets to do that.

If you are a newbie trying to write songs and turn them into a music track or even aspire to start it one day, you should have a look at some very important tips that will boost the right foundation of producing music for you. Read on to know these tips.

1. Comfortable working space matters the most

Beginners think that a professional music studio is needed to create the best music. Well, it might be true but if you feel comfortable working at your home, you won’t need a music studio at all and you can save money used for renting the studio somewhere else. You can make a studio at your home as well. Though it requires a lot of investment, it will be worth its cost once you start creating awesome music tracks.

2. Get rid of all the distractions

A good music piece will be created if you put your best attention to it and for getting the utmost focus, you need to remove all the distractions from your way. Distractions include your smartphone, TV, social media, your family members calling you in between of your work for any small or big task, it can be anything that hampers your productivity.

Make yourself committed to the work completely so you can get the best out of it. If you are planning for a home music studio, better you make it soundproofed so that the outside noise doesn’t come in and the music also doesn’t go outside.

3. Listen to different genres

Listening to different genres will put new ideas and bring new things to the table, helping you to incorporate them in your music so you can create awesome masterpieces. Doing the same thing will not differentiate you from other artists and after a few tracks of the same taste, your +audience won’t like it anymore. Try and experiment until you create a “wow” piece of music.

4. Try out new things

Doesn’t matter in which phase of music creation you are; you need to experiment a lot and try out new things that will make a way for creative music tracks. It is okay and in fact much needed to create multiple versions of your music track and then going back to them one by one to see which is the best one.

5. Work with people fond of music

Working alone in your starting days is not recommended. You should be surrounded by like-minded people who are fond of music and who are making their own music tracks by trying innovative things. Learn from them, learn as much as you can, listen to their music tracks, give feedback, and take feedback on your own tracks. Take opportunities to work with experienced people, their advice and their music lessons will prepare you for the greater good. Just work with the souls loving music and you will learn a lot.

6. Stop and take a break

If you think the right ideas are not hitting you at the moment or you are not able to mix it up properly and this is frustrating you, take a break! Go out and have a walk in the garden, listen to your favourite songs, have a look at the sources of inspiration created by different artists or do whatever you want that can relax you.

Calm down your mind and come back to your work feeling rejuvenated! This will bring more \creative output for sure. –

7. Let go if it is a waste of time

If you feel that this music track is not getting any good after putting countless hours of effort after it, better leave it and work on something else. Ask yourself if you have done everything you could for the track and if it is not good or you think it is not worthwhile putting efforts after it, let it go easily.

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