7 Ways To Make Moving Easy And Hustle-free


You are just about to move and you are wondering how to go about the whole process easy and stress-free? Well, these tips from professionals over at phoenix movers are going to be a great help. Check them out;

1. Make A Checklist

The first important thing is to create a checklist. It should have everything you need to get done before and during the moving date. Make sure you have everything down on paper. This will ensure you have everything in check and most of all, avoid the last-minute rush

2. Create A Timetable

After creating a checklist and writing down everything you need to get done, the next thing is to make a schedule or a timetable. Make sure this is particular to detail. You don’t want to be winging with chores. A clear timetable would indicate what needs to get done when and how.

Have specific days to get your packing materials, pack the kitchen, the bathroom, your closet, and so on, specific days to call and set appointments with booking companies and such. This will help you utilize the time you have to the moving date and have everything checked before then.

3. Determine Your Requirements

Before you start making calls and finding help, determine your requirements and the type of services you will need. Are you going to search for the packing materials or you would need the movers to bring you those? Will you pack yourself, or will you require professional packing services?

Other factors like distance are also a part of the requirements. Make a checklist and a timetable and determine the type of services you will need and what you need help with.

4. Find Movers

Once you have clearly defined your requirements and you can pinpoint what exactly it is that you need, it is time to find movers. This is also a little bit of a process in itself. You are not just going to hire the first movers you come across; you need to do thorough research to find the best that suits you.

Some of the things you are looking for are specialty movers, long or local movers, services provided, the different price estimations and costs including extra charges and add-ons, and more. You also want to check out their paperwork including licenses and insurance. Make sure they have the necessary experience and expertise.

5. Declutter

It will also save you a lot of time and energy not to carry things that you do not need. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you or ones that you don’t wear anymore and items you don’t use. ‘If you are considering donating, make the arrangement as soon as possible.

If you don’t know what to do with your excess stuff just yet, considering short-term storage is also great. At least you know that your items are still safe amidst your moving process, and you can always decide what to do with them later on when you are in a fresh mind.

6. Don’t Load Important Items In The Truck

One of the mistakes most people make is to load important things in the truck as well. Be careful not to put your laptop in your suitcase while loading. What if you need it along the way? This also goes for important documents such as those for work and such. You can put them in a small back and just have them on your lap, just in case.

7. Stick To The Timetable

Don’t get carried away or change your schedule. That would only be destruction and would bring about confusion. While you don’t have to religiously stick to the schedule, try as much as possible. The important thing is to make sure that a day before your moving day, everything in your checklist is checked.


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