7 Writing Jobs to Earn Good Money Online

Who doesn’t want to make money?

Of course, everyone wants a good source of income to pay utilities, meet study expenses, and live the life of their dreams.

What if I tell you that writing can give you money?

Well, that’s true! You can earn a good amount of money by making the right use of your writing expertise.

According to Indeed, an average writer in the United States makes $56,207 every year. That’s not a bad deal!

You can also make your dreams come true by becoming a professional writer. You don’t even need to leave home, make money online from your comfort zone. Discover 10 popular writing jobs that you can do to earn a good livelihood.

What are you waiting for? Here you go!

1. Academic Writing

Academic essay writing is a wonderful opportunity to start a good inflow of cash. Thousands of students in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe, and other countries look for professional assistance to complete their assignments.

More than a few academic writing websites have come into existence after seeing a huge demand from students. You can join any credible platform and start writing for students. Mainly, you will have to write essays, thesis, case studies, and dissertations.

Good websites pay good rates to writers. If you have completed a degree from an internationally accredited university and have an instinct for writing, then hundreds of academic websites are waiting for you. Essay48 has a professional team of writers who deliver quality homework assignments to thousands of students currently studying in different international universities and colleges. You can apply to become a writer there if you meet the criteria.

2. Write for a News Site

Becoming an online journalist is a wonderful idea if you have a sense of journalism. No previous experience required if you can tell a story in a catchy way.

There is a massive demand for writers who can write on current affairs, politics, technology, fashion, science, and other topics.

You might get an average salary in the beginning, but soon you should be able to receive more than expectations. Many students find their fortune by becoming online journalists. They write news stories and receive a handsome income.

Don’t worry if you can’t meet the criteria of the New York Times and Washington Post, there are many other news sites that you can join and start working for.

3. Start a Blog

Running a blog is a great idea to generate passive income. Just think about your favourite hobbies and decide on a theme that you are well-versed in. For instance, you can start a blog on physical fitness if you know workout and personal fitness.

Thousands of ideas can help you become a millionaire. Some of the most common blog ideas in 2021 include Health, Technology, News, Finance, Travel, and Digital Marketing.

Once you have decided on a niche, buy a domain, hosting, and a WordPress theme to start writing. You can start monetizing when you see a lot of visitors coming to your website.

Just keep writing on trending topics and soon you should be able to see thousands of daily visitors reading your content. You can opt for Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and many other channels to start receiving good money through your writing efforts.

4. Review Products, Movies, and More

You don’t need to have the professional experience to start writing product or movie reviews. Don’t expect this job to be something like a 9 to 5 office work.

All you need is simply register yourself with trustworthy reward websites. You can find plenty of items to review on these sites. Just leave your honest feedback and get paid.

You won’t have to wait for the approval. Just sign up and begin reviewing your favourite stuff.

5. Become a Transcriber

A transcriber is a person who writes after hearing an audio or video file. Hundreds of students currently work as transcribers and thousands of jobs get posted online. If you have a good hearing ability and can type faster, then this is the right job for you!

You can join different freelance websites and start looking for companies that need transcriptionists. Once hired, you should be able to generate good money to meet your study expenses and travel to your favourite tourist spots.

6. Social Media Copywriter

It must be hard to find a person who doesn’t use social media at the moment. That’s the reason companies and businesses reach their target audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Write promotional copy to advertise products and services of different companies to start receiving money. You can become a social media content writer and manager to handle activities and engage with subscribers.

Many companies hire dedicated social media managers to take care of their customer base through social channels. Copywriting is not limited to social media, you can also write promotional content on many other online platforms. You will get paid for every piece of advertising copy that you write.

7. Write eBooks

If you have strong writing skills, writing an eBook can be the best thing you can do to secure your future. It’s a great source of income. Thousands of eBooks are available on Amazon and other top-rated websites. Millions of people pay and download favourite electronic books from these platforms. Becoming an eBook writer is a good option to generate a handsome flow of money.