79 Fun Things to Do Outside with Kids as a Family


Spending time with your family is always a good idea, especially in the summertime, when more activities outside are available.  The fun-filled activities in the treetop adventure park are great for the growth of the body and mind.

Need some fun ideas?

Below you will 79 cool ideas by ParentingNerd’s experts on what to do during the summertime with your loving family. Guess what? These activities will cost you little or zero money – the fun does not necessarily have to be expensive. All you need is the wish to build some memories. Slap some sunscreen on, take your kids, and the fun times can begin.

  1. If you have a yard, build a bird feeder. It is a nice way to attract birds around your house. You check on the internet for easy ways to build bird feeders. They can be made out of pop bottles, wood, or milk cartons, depending on your likings and building abilities.
  2. At night when the sky is clear, you can do some stargazing and Get the best Tenerife stargazing available at TripsPoint.
  3. Take a nature walk or use your backyard and listen to the birds. It’s also an excellent gift idea for you children, if they happen to be bird lovers, that you take some free time and spend it with them by doing their favorite hobby. Create a fun game and try to guess how many different birds you can hear or maybe even identify them. Some apps can help you with this. Planting a vegetable garden can also be a fun activity.
  4. Do some drawing with sidewalk chalk.
  5. If there is a pond near your house, you and your family could go there and learn about all the living things in and around it.
  6. Visit the beach.
  7. While you are at the beach, go ahead and try building an awesome sandcastle. If you can’t go to the beach, you can do this activity at home or in the park if there is a sandbox.
  8. Once you have managed to the castle, you can proceed with building a dam. It can start with a moat just around the castle, and it can proceed to a more complicated network of waterways. It is a fun way to experiment with how the water will find its way around the moat.
  9. Jumping over the waves is also a fun activity, just be careful.
  10. Bury your kids, husband, wife, or yourself in the sand.
  11. Carefully try skipping rocks.
  12. Try making dandelion chains.
  13. Pick some flowers from your garden or some wildflowers and preserve them by using a flower press and a heavy object.
  14. Flying a kite is also a cool activity.
  15. A fun and educational activity is making compost. You can find many composters or simply use an old bottle. Your kitchen waste can become compost, which you can later use for your garden.
  16. Build a lemonade stand for your kids.
  17. Pick up the trash near your area.
  18. You can make a rainbow using your garden hose when it is a sunny day.
  19. Why not starting a rock collection?
  20. It is always a good idea to plant a tree.
  21. Try doing some painting on rocks.
  22. Do some drawing with crayons.
  23. If available, go pick berries.
  24. It is always fun to build a fort.
  25. Got bikes, or you can borrow ones? If yes, go on a bike ride with the family.
  26. Try having a yard sale.
  27. Got sprinkler in the yard? You can always cool down and play in it.
  28. A scavenger hunt in nature can also be fun.
  29. Try making a sundial.
  30. Go on a bird-watching mission.
  31. Go camping with the family.
  32. While camping, build a campfire.
  33. Try hiking.
  34. If there is a river or lake, go canoeing.
  35. If a camping trip is not a possibility, have a campout in your backyard. If it starts raining, you can simply go to the house right away.
  36. Got balloons? Fill them with water and do a fun game of throwing them.
  37. Additional to the balloons, find some water guns, and you can have a fun water fight.
  38. All you see around you while on the nature walks can be noted in a notebook as your nature journal.
  39. Try walking while it is raining.
  40. If possible, go fishing.
  41. If there are other kids around your house, you can organize some sports games.
  42. Visit a local festival.
  43. You can climb some trees.
  44. Have a bicycle or car wash.
  45. Have a pinata party.
  46. Make some mud pies.
  47. Buy a hammock and swing in it.
  48. A simple fun game to play is hopscotch.
  49. You can build a volcano out of paper mache or play-dough.
  50. Watch the lovely sunset.
  51. If you have enough room, you can play miniature golf in the yard.
  52. Watching fireworks is always fun as well.
  53. Look for an outdoor concert to attend.
  54. If there is water nearby, you will most likely find ducks there, which you can feed.
  55. Get a big blanket to lie on it and watch the clouds traveling the sky.
  56. Visit the zoo if there is one nearby.
  57. A book picnic is a fun and educational activity.
  58. Pick some wildflowers.
  59. Get your camera or simply use your phone to photograph the nature around.
  60. Get a net and catch insects.
  61. Blowing bubbles is always fun.
  62. Do some painting outside.
  63. If your neighborhood is up for it, you can start a talent show.
  64. Movie night in the backyard can be fun too.
  65. Kick-the-can is a fun game you can do.
  66. Jump or skip rope.
  67. Bicycle parade can be a fun activity not just for your family but also for your neighborhood.
  68. Who doesn’t like roller-skating, right?
  69. Hula hooping can be a fun game and also an exercise for the family.
  70. Try some sports you have never done before.
  71. You can create an obstacle course in your backyard.
  72. Do some body-painting.
  73. You can make s’mores outside.
  74. You can make a home movie with the whole family.
  75. Get some instruments and sing some songs outside.
  76. Play hide and seek.
  77. A dance party can also be very fun.
  78. Try go-karting if possible.
  79. Horseback riding is another activity that can be done with the whole family.



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