8 Benefits of Having a Portable Solar Power Generator


Do you want to ensure you have electricity when the power grids go down? One of the best solutions to your concern is a power generator, and a solar-powered one is a great option.

Solar energy usage continues to grow in the United States. There are about 150 establishments that combine to generate $430 million in revenue that provides 2% of the nation’s energy consumption.

On a much smaller scale, households are also starting to invest in solar power generators. These generators provide the energy people need especially during emergencies.

Of the different types of generators, the portable solar power generator continues to gain popularity. These things can power valuable items such as TV sets, radios, smartphones, and laptops. But are these generators worth investing in?

What benefits can you expect if you decide to get one? Continue reading below as we tackle some of the key advantages it offers.

How Does a Solar Power Generator Work?

To better appreciate the advantages of a solar power generator, let’s first dive into how it works. First, solar generators come with solar panels. These panels are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity.

Another component is the battery. This is the part that stores energy. There is also a charge collector that controls the flow of current.

Lastly, there is the inverter. This is the part in charge of converting the energy coming from battery into a current that is compatible for powering various appliances.

A portable generator comes with all these components. But it’s the generator’s portability that sets it apart from other types of solar generators.

Portable Solar Power Generator

Before you invest in a portable solar generator you must first look at the benefits it offers. Here are eight important ones to consider.

1. Cost-Efficiency

First and foremost, a portable solar power generator is cost-efficient. Even if you don’t live in an area where frequent power outages occur, it can still help reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Do’t go for kits that require you to buy additional components to make them work. Also, pick a generator with replacement parts that are still available for purchase. Buying an obsolete model forces you to scour the Internet for second-hand replacement parts and there’s no guarantee those pieces still function properly.

Additionally, ensure that the electronic components are waterproof. And avoid portable generators that come with minimal warranties.

2. Convenience and Flexibility

Portable solar generators also offer convenience and flexibility. Because they are small and lightweight, you can carry them to different locations with ease.

Are you planning on going on a camping trip? Or perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor birthday celebration? With a portable generator, you don’t need to worry about your electricity needs.

The generator can power your lamps, radios, and small speakers. You can also use it to charge your cameras and gadgets.

If you’re going backpacking, the portable generator becomes a handy ally. With a generator by your side, you don’t need to worry about your smartphone losing juice, especially during emergencies.

3. Eco-Friendly

Since a portable solar generator doesn’t use any kind of fuel, it is an eco-friendly option for people who wish to reduce their carbon footprints. Generators that run on fossil fuels contribute to air pollution. They emit carbon dioxide, which promotes global warming.

Though they may not have the same capacity to store energy as their fuel-powered counterparts, they make up for it by creating clean and green energy.

4. Low Maintenance

Another plus of portable solar power generators is that they are low maintenance.

First, they don’t come with any moving parts. This reduces the chances of something breaking while you’re cleaning it. You’ll also have an easier time cleaning the generator since you don’t have to disassemble and reassemble it for maintenance.

Moreover, no liquid passes through the generator’s panels. This means there is no room for rust and corrosion to develop and cause any damages.

Make sure, however, to pick a generator that comes with high-quality batteries. Generators from Powered Portable Solar come with powerful lithium-ion batteries that offer longer life cycles.

5. Quiet Operation

Generators are normally loud performers. But not the portable type. Since it has no moving parts, you can expect it to operate quietly.

If need to work at home and you require a quiet environment, the portable generator will function efficiently without causing any disturbances. Furthermore, you can take it with you during your fishing or hunting escapades.

Since it doesn’t generate noise, it won’t drive away your prey.

6. Room for Customization

The needs and requirements of homeowners may vary. To address these variances, portable generators offer room for customization. There are add-ons that you can attach to portable generators to increase their functionality.

This includes solar fans and lights you can add to your generator to keep you comfortable during power outages. You can also invest in solar fridges to ensure your refrigerator functions while the power grid is down.

7. Availability

With the sun powering your portable generator, you can rest easy knowing that your generator will be available whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about buying or stocking any fuel. As long as the sun rises, you can power your generator and use it anytime you want.

8. Adaptability

Last but not least, a portable solar generator offers adaptability. You can even use it to jump-start your vehicle.

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, you can expect a portable generator to perform more seamlessly compared to its fuel-powered counterpart.

Invest in the Best

A portable solar power generator is one of the smartest investments you can make. It will help you go through power outages and provide power for various indoor and outdoor activities.

As for other home equipment, you need to be wise when making your choices. Check out our other feature articles. We provide reviews and comparisons to help you make the best purchases.

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