8 best schools to study in Australia in 2023


If you want to study in Australia and you have to choose an educational institution, you are in the right place! We have prepared a list for you with the best schools to study in Australia, so it will be very easy for you to decide where you can study Down Under.

The best MBA colleges in the USA offer rigorous academic programs, top-notch faculty, diverse student communities, and excellent career opportunities in a wide range of industries.

According to our personal experience and that of our students, the Australian school you choose will be a basic pillar in your first months studying in Australia, so we want to offer you all the information you need to make the decision that best suits you.

We assure you that it has not been easy to select the best academies, since our team works with more than 100 Australian institutions, wow! Get used to the idea that the ones you will meet below represent only 10% of all the schools with which we have a partnership, but these are the crème de la crème!

Today we share with you 8 best schools to study in Australia, so that you have a good, honest and transparent reference to the best of the education sector in this country.

1.Inforum Education Australia

This school, located on the Gold Coast, is famous and highly recommended for its creativity and educational quality. You will be able to study general English courses and preparation courses for official exams in a multicultural environment full of international students. It is a very familiar school with a very good reputation in Australia. The value for money is exceptional! Our students are delighted with Inforum.

In addition, you will enjoy the atmosphere of the beaches of the Costa Dorada!

2. BROWNS English Language School

A safe bet! This comprehensive school has campuses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It offers all kinds of English courses, but also Barista or Demi Pair courses in Australia. In addition, they have a campus with accommodation available for their students.

With CatEight Course Finder, you can find the courses provided by BROWNS English Language School, get the detailed info about each course, and submit your course application to the school.

3. Navitas English

Navitas has campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Manly Beach, Perth and Darwin. It has all the English courses you can imagine, from General English to IELTS or Cambridge exams. In addition, it offers you other services such as accommodation, the possibility of living with an Australian family or learning English while traveling.

Do you want to know the great advantage of this school? They pay you for your plane ticket if you study for a season on one campus and another season on another of its campuses. A plus for the more travelers who like to explore the terrain!

4. Lexis English Perth

Lexis Perth offers an ideal combination: international students to practice your English and the perfect Australian way of life. Plus, it’s the only school in Perth within a 5-minute walk of the amazing beach.

Lexis Perth offers an ideal combination: international students to practice your English and the perfect Australian way of life. Also, it is the only school in Perth within a 5 minute walk of the amazing Scarborough beach.

Scarborough Beach is where all the Perthians come to enjoy their free time. In this place you will enjoy long summer nights that come alive in the cafes, pubs and clubs that are next to the beach. And the weekends are perfect for surfing and swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

They also have a campus in Brisbane! It is undoubtedly one of the best schools to study in Australia.

“In my experience, the school is more familiar on the Perth campus and also more easy going in everything. In Brisbane it’s more serious, but I’m very happy here and I have a great teacher. The staff at both schools are lovely.” Student at Lexis Perth and Brisbane.

«Super happy! I have noticed a lot of improvement in my English. In the academy there are almost no Spanish, so we only speak English. I’m living in the accommodation provided by the school and I’m super happy’, student at Lexis Perth and Brisbane.

5. International House Sydney

Surely you have already heard the name of this chain of schools because International House has been offering its services in many countries around the world for more than 65 years.

In the case of Australia, they have English schools in Sydney City, Bondi Junction, Darwin, Melbourne and, in addition, they offer VET courses in the Business sector at all their ihBC locations.

One of the biggest advantages they offer is the flexibility when it comes to changing campuses and the possibility of having a different experience in 4 different cities in the country.

6. Entrepreneur Education

Entrepreneur Education is located in the city of the Gold Coast, specifically in the famous neighborhood of Surfers Paradise, very close to the beach!

This new institute offers practical courses, within the VET category in Australia, which respond to business reality and current demand in the labor market: Marketing, Design, Photography, Business, Leadership and Fitness. His teaching is based on the 360º method that puts you in contact with the real world of the sector from the moment you start the course.

7. Shafston International College – English school

After more than 22 years teaching English at its schools in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, this college is one of the best in Australia. Shafston is the official venue for Cambridge exams, which means you’ll take the final exam at the same school you study at. You make sure that everything will work out!

Like other top schools, it offers job search support and accommodation options.

8. Insight Academy – vocational school

Insight Academy wants to be a pioneer in the education industry. Based in Melbourne, they are convinced that traditional lectures and classes are not enough, which is why they provide students with the skills, mindset and knowledge they will need to succeed in the real world.

They say Insight Academy is a place to network, build community, and collaborate. Are you ready to start? You just have to take a look at their website to realize that they move in another line.

“It’s a great school to learn about life and how to do business. You meet incredible people with ways of seeing life that enrich you. His great strength is networking and always making you feel at home!”, student at Insight Academy.

Why is it important to choose one of the best schools to study in Australia?

We could give you many reasons, but with only three you will have enough:

  • Because if your goal is to learn English, going to a quality Australian academy guarantees that you finish the course with the level you expected. It is clear that you must also do your part
  • Because paying less and learning nothing is an experience that we do not recommend. Invest a few more dollars in yourself and you will be proud when you speak English like it doesn’t cost you.
  • Because it is not only about studying, but about making the most of this opportunity and taking advantage of everything that a school can offer you: contacts, friends, work, events, activities… services that you will only find in schools that really care about their students.



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