8 Best Tips for First-Time Train Travelers


Taking a train for the first time has its own positives and challenges. Trains provide a convenient way to get around and enjoy the natural scenery. But they aren’t as reliable and may not meet the speed benefits of planes or cost benefits of buses. As a first-time train traveler, here are the six best tips to help you enjoy your ride.

Arrive at the Station Early

Trains are exceptionally strict on departure times. Ensure to arrive at the train station 30 minutes before the departure time. Otherwise, you may miss the train and lose your ticket. Prepare yourself early for the trip, organizing and packing everything you need. Prepare your identification documents, tickets, personal care items, and travel insurance. As you pack, check with the train website or booking website to know the baggage limits.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Whether riding on a first-class or second-class train coach, do everything you can to stay comfortable and relaxed. Train trips exceeding five hours are exhausting and can cause uneasiness. Make your trip comfortable by bringing fleece blankets, slippers, pillows, earplugs, and eye masks. Wear comfortable sneakers and breathable, stretchy clothes.  Most trains don’t have quality entertainment systems installed, so if you don’t bring your own entertainment, be ready for a dull 5 hours. You might want to download music onto your mp3 player or smartphone or carry your favorite book.

Have Enough Rest

It will be a hectic and tiresome journey and preparing your body for the same is crucial. You don’t want to start the trip tired and feeling uneasy. You want to get enough sleep the day before the traveling date and ensure you drink enough water.

Carry enough water on the train and drink enough to stay hydrated. However, you wouldn’t want to spend the entire trip in the loo, so don’t drink more than what’s recommended by health specialists.

Don’t be a Boring Passenger

You’re on the journey to explore the world and create great moments to remember. It’s good to read a book, play games, or even do some remote work. Engage in conversations with fellow travelers and watch the outdoor scenery as the train rolls by.

Bring Your Camera or High-End Smartphone

It’s your first trip on a train, and you want to keep all the memories. The scenery, the friendly people, and the fantastic destinations are things you will want to recall. You can’t keep a record of these crucial things unless you have a good HD-resolution camera or high-end smartphone. Bring your   camera or smartphone to keep a detailed record of all the beautiful moments.

Bring Some Light Snacks

Most train companies allow passengers to bring beverages and food on board. But it’s not mandatory to bring snacks and beverages, as most companies offer them at a fair price. However, do bring your own food if youhave diet restrictions or specific needs.

Additionally, bring healthy foods to keep you energized throughout the journey.

Book a Sleeping Car Room

If you’re booking a long-distance, overnight train trip, don’t forget to reserve a room in a sleeping car. Staying awake for over 8 hours at night is tiring. You wouldn’t want to strain your neck and back trying to sleep upright on your train seat. A couchette onboard the train comes with extra packages, including dining car meals, soft drinks, hot coffee, and bottled water. If you book a sleeping car room, you don’t need to bring your snacks and beverages. Most train companies provide each client with a dedicated sleeping car attendant.

Organize Pick up Services

Train stations are frequently located outside the city center. Finding a ride once you get there can be challenging, especially if you arrive outside of business hours. To avoid getting stuck at the station, you’ll need to have someone who can pick you up or arrange for pick-up with a car service.

The first time you travel by train doesn’t have to be the worst moment for you. These few tips will prepare you for a smooth and relaxing trip. Make sure you book the train on time and bring the necessary items. Also, plan for delays as this is inevitable with long journey trains. You can sign up for email notifications or by checking the train’s website for such information.

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