8 Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Moving Fraud

Have you ever heard about moving companies’ scams? Moving company scams take advantage of less experienced clients. Scammers advertise their low prices to lure potential clients into the moving scheme. When successful, the scammers will steal your property or money.

How do you know movers in Richmond VA offer legitimate service? With the many demands of moves, it’s possible to get trapped with fake deceptive operators. To avoid this fraud, do your homework. Get informed and educated to know the means used by scammers.

Common Moving Scams Red Alerts To Avoid

Hidden Moving Fees

Moving companies hide fee charges to counter the stiff competition in the field. A legit moving company gives a quotation after inspecting all the factors. These factors are all well explained to you to understand what affects the price range.

Insist on signing a complete moving agreement or contract before the move. Rogue movers will resist disclosing extra charges for extra services like packing. When they finish your moving request, they will quote higher prices. You will have to pay since they have already offered the service.

Demand For A Significant Down Payment

It’s normal for a moving company to request a small down payment. Scammers will ask for large down payments, pocket the money, and disappear. They may also hold your property and demand more money.

To avoid this scam, understand all fees associated with a move before you sign a contract. A better moving company won’t ask for deposits to book your move date. They register your credit card near your load date.

Hidden Company Information

Run away if you can’t locate the mover’s information like a website or physical address. Legit moving companies have their information displayed on their websites for general viewing. The report includes physical address, registration proofs, and also company history.

Another alert is in a phone call. If you call a moving company and get a generic response like moving company or movers, be suspicious. Phone calls answers by legit companies should always start with the name of the company.

Phone Estimates

When seeking a moving company online, you get a checklist to fill the nature of your property. You then get fee estimates for the move. The company then makes an effort to be on the ground for accurate fee estimation. If a company doesn’t come to your homestead for the physical audit to set a price, it’s a red flag. Scammers will give rough estimates via phone, request your deposit and then run away.

Suspicious Bid

Suspicious bids can arise in different ways. If a quote is much lower than other companies, then that’s a red flag. Be keen on companies who refuse to place their estimates in writing.

Ironclad Quotes

Company quotations are not rigid. If you get a company setting a fixed quote and says the quote doesn’t change in any circumstance, be keen. Most quotes fluctuate if shipment weight varies.

Several Changes In The Company

When you trace the company’s history and establish several changes, be suspicious. Companies that get bad client reviews, often change their website. It’s a tactic to hide off bad reviews from potential future consumers who might need the service.

Hidden Consumer Rights And Responsibilities

The law stipulates that all consumers are entitled to their rights and responsibilities. If a company doesn’t give you your rights and responsibilities when you move, then that’s a red flag.


The current world is full of scammers. It would be best if you do your research well to avoid falling prey to these individuals.