8 Different Types of Yachts: Know About Them Now

Yachts are a special kind of sea vessel widely used for cruising or racing. During this pandemic time,  people often tend to take out time from their busy lives and go out for a mesmerizing trip while taking all the safety measures of course.. Opting for a Yacht Charter is an incredible and out-of-the-box idea. The minimum traveling period of a yacht charter varies from one yacht charter provider to another, but on an average, at least 5 days are a must! There are different kinds of yachts out there, read on to know about them.

What are the Different Types of Yachts? 

Well, different yachts serve different purposes. Some tend to be cost-efficient while some provide all the luxurious facilities on board so tend to be a bit expensive!

1. Sailing Yacht

First and the foremost one you must know is the sailing yacht. Most people opt for it as it is easy to understand the principle behind it. The yacht sails with the help of the wind. People who want to experience the conventional sailing adventure generally choose the Sailing Yacht. There is no motor in this yacht. Only sails are there to host in this kind of yacht.

2. Motor Yacht 

As the name suggests, Motor yachts run on a motor. It is the perfect option if you want to host parties on the yacht. Motor yachts built by different companies can accommodate enough people you want to invite for the party. Generally, these motor yachts have dance floors and bars that will give a breathtaking experience to your guests.

3. Expedition Yacht 

Expedition Yachts are generally bought by people who go out for longer journeys. They do serve the “weekend” purpose well but the primary purpose of this yacht is for long trips. Longer journeys are completed using optimal resources giving you a once in a lifetime experience. You can carry almost anything to such yacht trips, but yes, no stress!

  4. Classic Yachts

Many people have different definitions of classic yachts, but the sole meaning behind the term is to acknowledge the ancient yachts. The older the yacht is, the more classic it will be considered. Some of these yachts are made up of wooden material while the rest are made up of steel. Some of the ancient ones are crafted manually that leads to a charming vibe during the journey. All in all, people who want to feel nostalgic about their past trips and experience it one more time opt for a Classic Yacht.

5. Gulet Yachts

Gulet Yachts have their roots in Turkey, more precisely in Bodrum. These yachts are 20 to 30 meters in height, and are generally used for luxurious experiences. Previously, it was used for transporting goods but the latest ones are for providing leisure time. The conventional gullets had only sails but the latest ones do come with a motor.

6. Fishing Yacht

Fishing Yachts are meant for fishing. If you feel like going out for a trip amidst the sea and performing some fishing activities, fishing yachts would go well as they are purposefully built for the same thing. There are tons of fishing yachts available, pick one and you can move to a place known for ample availability of fishes.

7. Pershing Yacht

Pershing Yacht is for those who want more space on the deck. A robust combination of speed and style, the Pershing Yacht is an absolute beast! It has everything you need, sun roof on the top and rooms that have no effect of heat. Just let know your requisites in detail to the yacht team before booking a yacht so you can get all arrangements as per your need.

8. Catamaran Yacht 

Catamaran Yachts are a unique kind of yacht in which two equal size hulls are placed across each other. A wide beam across the surface makes it a completely stable one. The word Catamaran has its origin from Tamil Nadu, an Indian State. It conveys the meaning of “logs bound together” in Tamil. While the traditional ones were used for fishing near the shore, the modern ones fulfil the purpose of luxe vacation trips.

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