8 Effective Autumn Electric Garden Tools

It’s finally Autumn! It’s the perfect time to pull out your gardening supplies. Investing in electric-powered gardening tools is an effective way to handle fall cleanup by simplifying and improving yard work.

Here are some time-saving garden tools worth checking out:

1. Electric Lawnmowers

Electric mowers have enough power to handle the majority of lawns and are less expensive than gas mowers. Although low-power electric mowers can become overworked by thick grass or when used to cut when wet, be sure to buy one with features that suit your lawn. Investing in electric tools is a great way to lessen your environmental impact and give your yard a quick trim before the season is over.

2. Pressure Washer

Clean your porch, outdoor furniture, or retaining wall washers, including lower initial costs and fewer ongoing maintenance requirements. Electric pressure washers are generally less expensive, lighter, and easier to start than gas models. Because of lower psi, they omit less noise than gas models.

3. Leaf Blower

An electric blower is your best bet if you’re a home user who uses blowers occasionally and doesn’t have huge piles of leaves to clean. If you’re from Australia, your options are vast at RYOBI Australia. Electric blowers are a greener, preferable tool if you own a small yard and don’t need the power of a large, loud, gas-powered blower.

The main consideration is whether you’ll always work near a power source. If not, go for a cordless one.

4. Electric Pruners

You can save time and energy by using electric pruners. Although electric pruning shears have similar capabilities to manual ones, they can produce a consistent cut every time. The best part is avoiding future joint and wrist pain because no force is needed!

5. Pole Saw

When you need to remove branches from high places, there is a better tool than a standard chainsaw for the job due to its short reach. Electric pole saws allow you to extend your reach while keeping yourself planted on the ground to ensure your safety, allowing you to cut branches that are located up in trees.  Giving your trees a trim before winter is a good idea! You keep your outdoor space safe by accomplishing this.

6. Mulcher

Taking care of fallen leaves is a real pain. If you rack sacks of leaves at once, an electric leaf mulcher can help you bag more leaves and allow you to reuse them for organic purposes. A leaf mulcher has several specialized blades to chop leaves into very small pieces. Mulchers are an excellent alternative to lawnmowers equipped with blades.

7. Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers are a good choice when removing snow no deeper than a foot. Models that run on batteries start instantly and are suitable in areas where you’d normally use a shovel. Because electric models are portable, they work well for cleaning off decks, patios, driveways, and walkways, which most gas models can’t reach.

8. Chipper Shredder

Your yard can be tidied up and brought to life with a chipper shredder. Even though gas-powered wood chippers are mighty, electric ones are far more cost-effective. Chipper shredders rid leaves, small branches, and twigs to ease yard waste disposal. Additionally, they are portable and lightweight. And best of all, you can use them in your garage without any risk, unlike gas-powered ones.

Benefits of Owning Electric Garden Tools

1. Less Time-Consuming

These tools require little to no force to use. They start with a push of a button. You don’t need to refill gas and work until your arm, or worse, your back falls off.

2. Lessens Environmental Impacts

You can be sure that these electric tools are suitable for autumn tasks and the environment, as an increasing amount of energy is generated from renewable sources, such as solar and hydropower.

3. Low Maintenance

They are lighter and easier to maneuver. Folding handles are a convenient feature of electric tools. Electric models do not require you to perform any tasks concerning gas. So, it also saves you money.

Final Thoughts

Autumn is not just about autumn leaves and color palettes; it’s an opportunity to prepare for winter. When the temperatures begin to fall, finding tools to sustain your lawn is essential. By including these electric tools in your autumn kit, your garden can withstand the cold and thrive in spring.