8 Iconic Real Estate Properties in Video Games


Video games remain a popular hobby for many. Besides being an entertaining respite from school or work, video games appeal to many because of their enchanting environment, rewarding challenges, and notable locations.

Some games are also known for their central hubs, the main character’s homes, and towns that make playing more fun. Among the thousands of virtual real estate properties, here are eight well-known virtual homes and townships in video games.

Bowser’s Castle (Super Mario Bros.)

Bowser’s Castle is a reappearing location in the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The castle is known for its booby traps and as the final arena where Mario duels with Bowser to save Princess Peach.

While the castle is mainly the residence of Bowser, it has converted to a baseball stadium, go-kart course, and a tennis court, among others, depending on the incarnations and spin-off of the Super Mario games.

Dracula’s Castle (Castlevania)

Also known as the Devil Castle, Dracula’s Castle of the Castlevania game series is a fortress shrouded in supernatural entities and dark magic, just like the castle of Vlad Tepes in Transylvania, Romania. Dracula’s castle also has many rooms and facilities akin to a vacation home or a hotel.

Avid fans of the game series will remember side-scrolling through the expansive walls and hidden rooms of the castle while fighting off Dracula’s minions, avoiding traps, and finding treasure. The greatest victory would be clearing the whole area and finally defeating the vampire lord.

Hunter’s Dream (Bloodborne)

Being a hunter in Bloodborne can be frustrating due to the enemies that hit like a truck, hard-to-explore places, and stamina-draining boss fights. With this, hunters can take a rest at Hunter’s Dream. Also called Dream Refuge, it is the central hub of the game where “hunters” (players) can upgrade their statistics and weapons and trade Blood Echoes (the game’s currency) for other useful items and trinkets.

While it is not exactly a house, hunters will still feel safe in Hunter’s Dream because it is one location where you won’t find enemies. Likewise, the merchants and services available in the hub mirror the conveniences and comforts offered by modern communities like ETON Centris in Quezon City.

Croft Manor (Tomb Raider)

Before Lara Croft ventured into her perilous and exhilarating adventures, she first explored the many rooms and secret sections of her home–Croft Manor. This mansion lies in the middle of a vast garden segmented by high walls.

Croft Manor was originally a tutorial location in the first Tomb Raider games, although its purpose expanded in the sequels. Despite being a fictional home, Croft Manor has all the trappings of a safe and secure abode. Players can visit the library, music room, bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, ballroom, attic, treasure room, and Lara’s bedroom.

Baker Ranch (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard)

Other than the haunting appearances of ghosts, monsters, and zombies, specific locations in horror games create a lasting impression for players. Take Baker Ranch from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard as an example. It is a derelict residential property and plantation where the Baker family, the game’s main antagonists, live and supposedly raised horses. The property comprises the main house, the old house, guest house, greenhouse, barn, and boathouse.

In terms of lot and floor areas, Baker Ranch is a suitable property for families. But navigating through the house shows some of the horrors that may come with buying foreclosed properties without researching beforehand.

Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda)

Another recognizable video game castle, Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda franchise is the monarchical seat of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Throughout its incarnations, Hyrule Castle has served as the home of Princess Zelda and one of the significant locations for Link to finish his missions. It also housed some of the boss areas in the game.

Anor Londo (Dark Souls)

Dark Souls is dubbed as one of the most challenging video games out there. Despite its formidable enemies, mind-boggling map, boss fights, and punishing consequences when the player dies, Dark Souls is also known for its stunning locations, such as Anor Londo.

Anor Londo is the sun-lit city aloft all of Lordran. It is originally the home of Lord Gwyn and his children. The city’s main hall also serves as the boss arena of two of the most exciting boss fights of the game. But don’t be fooled by the bright disposition of Anor Londo; magic and tales of a dysfunctional family shroud the city. It is also heavily guarded by Silver Knights and Sentinels, ready to ward off any trespassers.

Rapture (BioShock)

The steampunk world of BioShock is characterized by its genetically-engineered creatures, a wide arsenal of weapons, and human-made metropolises such as Rapture, the underwater city in the first BioShock game.

Rapture is supposedly a utopia designed to be free from religious and government intrusion. However, Rapture’s purely capitalistic nation means the government will provide no public funds. Everything in the city, including oxygen, is privately-owned and subscription-based. Any community with this kind of government and social structure will eventually lead to its decadence.

While these eight properties are just virtual recreations, they mirror the comforts and potential dangers of actual real estate properties. So the next time you turn your console or computer on, take a closer look at the homes, towns, and establishments in your favorite video games. Appreciate how these structures add color and life to your virtual reality.

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