8 Reasons to try Shopify Over Other Ecommerce Softwares


A popular and justified solution today is the transition of companies to Internet platforms. Different e-commerce platforms are able to make a unique offer for their customers. These tools include a huge number of useful features that develop and expand the business.

In this regard, there are many platforms such as: Magento, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. However, if you are interested in choosing the most functional and useful platform, then you should pay attention to Shopify. This tool provides high quality for the site, and also allows you to use various functions and elements.

Shopify is an excellent option for those organizations that want to sell their products successfully as the platform allows for customization and design. What’s more, Shopify helps you achieve your core business goals because it has features that match your individual requirements.

However, it’s hard to trust simple words, so let’s take a closer look at the advantages of Shopify to understand why you should choose this particular e-commerce platform.

Main Pros of Shopify

1. Ease and accessibility

This tool can be set up quite easily for future use, as Shopify has hosting already built in. Therefore, this comprehensive solution is the most convenient for most companies that do not want to spend their precious time on additional technical elements. Moreover, the platform interface is also user-friendly, because it is built on intuitive mechanisms. A pleasant surprise is the presence of its own software. In other words, Shopify will beat other platforms by at least this advantage.

2. The ability to create a unique and recognizable visual

This platform is also known for having a huge number of different ready-made templates and themes, so you will avoid long work on developing the visual part of the site. We don’t mean that design should be forgotten, of course not. After all, the visual appearance significantly affects the number of interested people. We mean that these templates will make your design process much easier. In addition, you will have the opportunity to change ready-made themes in order to customize the site as much as possible. Shopify web development services improve the situation with the visual component, so it makes sense to seek help from specialists who will turn your ideas into reality.

3. Reliable protection

No company wants to lose some of their data or customer information. Therefore, when choosing an e-commerce platform, it is important to pay attention to the level of security offered. Shopify wins in this regard, as it has well-designed features for security and data protection. And updating each time is responsible for improving this aspect. Rest assured that with Shopify, your company will be in safe hands.

4. Ability to integrate other software

An important advantage of Shopify is the ability to customize and integrate the software the way you want. Plus, the platform is easy to integrate with other apps and plugins, so your company can improve features and increase efficiency and productivity.

For example, a simple plugin installation makes it easy to record Shopify sales in Quickbooks. Setting up integrations like these will save you time, money, and give you better insight on the health of your e-commerce business.

5. Work speed

Website speed is an important aspect for both the seller and the customers. Shopify knows this, so it takes quick action. Optimization and adaptability of this platform are at the highest level.

6. Advertising tools

Marketing on this platform has a high rate, which greatly increases the ranking of Shopify. With its capabilities, your business will scale as successfully as possible.

7. Customer support 24/7

This service provides 24/7 uninterrupted support via built-in chats or email. This keeps your business constantly afloat, and customers are confident in the quality of service.

8. Mobility

The phone is with us all the time, so it is important to create a site that will be optimized for mobile devices. With Shopify, this is easy to do, so this is another plus in the curd of this platform.

This platform is beneficial for companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations. Therefore, even if you are new to the market, then hiring programmers for a startup can be a great profitable solution. Shopify will tailor to your unique requirements, no matter how successful your business is. Just the same, Shopify will help you achieve all your goals and grow your business to the desired size.



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