8 Signs That You Need Electrical Contractor Services


It’s important to ensure the proper functioning of electrical equipment at workplaces or homes. Even the slightest carelessness can cause major incidents, even death. So, everyone should know when to consult an electrical contractor for any electrical design and installation, especially those running a construction business. After all, accidents are quite common in such places.

Electrical contractors are more advanced than electricians in experience, skill, management, and work ethic. You can visit this link to learn about the roles of electrical contractors and how they use the latest construction software like Bridgit to carry out their work.

But how to know if your home or office needs electrical contractor services? This post discusses 8 signs you must keep an eye on. If you identify most or even a few of them, immediately contact professional licensed electricians at Wes Carver Electric.

8 signs that you must hire an electrical contractor

Do you know almost 1,000 deaths happen per year due to electrical injuries in the US? People usually ignore short circuits and voltage fluctuation as minor faults. However, these smaller electrical issues can lead to major incidents.

The following 8 signs will help you prevent all such mishaps by telling you to contact a reliable electrical contractor service as soon as possible.

1. Old building

Experts suggest hiring an electrical contractor to inspect the building’s electricity installation after every 8 to 10 years. Most buildings usually have a strongly planned electrical infrastructure which includes:

  • Wiring – Insulated wires installed by electricians inside the walls.
  • Transformer – A device that regulates and distributes power to the building.
  • Circuit breaker – A main switch to disconnect power from the transformer to the building.

However, an old building with an uninspected electrical network is prone to show dangerous signs, like sparks and fluctuation. That’s why you must contact an electrical contractor and hire them for the electrical checkup of the building.

The most common fault in old buildings is the wiring gets weary, and if it’s left unnoticed, you might have to change the whole building’s wiring.

2. The circuit breaker keeps tripping

You already know a circuit breaker disconnects electricity from reaching its destination. In buildings with electrical faults, the circuit breaker is frequently tripping. Sometimes the secondary circuit breakers in offices and homes also keep tripping. As a result, you must manually close the circuit of the switch.

A frequently tripping circuit breaker usually means the building is getting abnormal current flow. When you manually turn on the circuit breaker, you force it to receive more current than required.

Doing so will keep the electricity flowing in the building. However, your electrical appliances like computers, security cameras, LEDs, and air conditioners will be damaged. So, hire an experienced electrical contractor and fix the issue.

3. Buzzing sound

You may hear a buzzing sound in the building when no one’s around. That’s another signal that the building’s electricity flow is not smooth. So, you must bring an electrical contractor to identify the problem.

The electrical buzzing sound in the building usually occurs because:

  • Loose wiring – At least one wired connection is loose, causing electrical disruption.
  • Overloaded wire – A wire is letting too much current pass through it. If you leave that unnoticed, the wire can melt and cause a short circuit which might lead to a fire.
  • Improperly grounded wire – Unwanted voltage is still coming due to an improperly grounded wire which might overcharge the metallic parts of the connected equipment.

The buzzing sound signifies that you must get an electrical contractor to work and find out where the sound is coming from. After that, the electrical contractor will solve the issue and eliminate the noise.

4. Heated electrical devices

If your electrical appliances immediately become hot, there might be an electrical malfunction in your building. The devices’ temperature increases when they get more current than their capacity. Another could be an abnormal flow of current. When a device doesn’t get constant current, its internal component gets heated.

Some temperature-sensitive devices like smartwatches can get damaged due to increased temperature. On the other hand, you must be wary of the cold temperature, as it also can damage devices like LEDs, laptops, and smartphones.

So, take notice whenever a device gets heated without any reason. There might be voltage fluctuation in your building which an electrical contractor can fix.

5. Burning smell

Poor electrical networks can burn sensitive devices, especially electronic devices which run on IC-based boards. You might not find any visual evidence regarding where the smell is coming from. However, you can track the burning smell and find faulty equipment.

Remember that devices like PCs and LEDs are equally dangerous as a transformer when it comes to a burning smell. You never know what’s happening inside the device; that burning smell can turn into wildfire once you expose it to open air.

6. Damaged insulation

Electrical wires are insulated from a protective layer which is of two types:

  • Thermoset wire
  • Thermoplastic wire

Both insulation types are used in the constructional electrical wires. However, the thermoset is more durable and can withstand higher temperatures. But if your building is old or the wiring is overloaded, the insulation might get damaged, and you must immediately call an electrical contractor.

Damaged insulation can lead to bigger danger to equipment, property, and life.

7. Installing modern devices

You must call an electrical contractor if you plan to install modern devices at your home. That can include smart home devices like Wi-Fi smart plugs, smart thermostats, and Google Nest Cam.

The electrical contractor will thoroughly inspect your home’s electricity and document everything during the inspection. In the end, you will get an electrical report of your home or the building you want to install modern devices.

These devices are sensitive and can be permanently damaged if there’s a fault in the electrical flow in the building.

8. Sparks from sockets

You may see sparks from the sockets whenever you plug or unplug a device. These dangerous sparks can slowly destroy the devices connected to the socket. The reason for these sparks could be:

  • Overloading – When a connection gets overwhelmed by current, you will see sparks at its connection.
  • Loose connection – An improperly connected device gives sparks.
  • Water exposure – Moisture or spilled water can cause a short circuit which you will see as sparks.

An electrical contractor will bring their team and troubleshoot the problem in the building.


Electrical contractors are well aware of the common issues in electrical networks. They use the right tools and techniques to identify and fix the issue. So, hire an electrical contractor and keep your building’s electrical network safe.

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