8 Surprising Benefits of Hitting the Beach


A day starting with packing beach bags is never a bad day. Everyone loves going to the beach, and the beach might have a few reasons to love us too. A day at the beach is not just enjoyable; there are a lot of benefits to it too! Make the most out of your trip to the beach, a trip that happens every once in a while.

1. Looking into The Waters Changes Your Brain Waves

You’ll be surprised to how having a good meditative state towards the ocean can affect your mental state! The color blue itself has always been associated with feeling peaceful and calm. So when you stare into the ocean, you automatically gain this feeling in you. Surprisingly, blue is also associated with giving a boost to creativity. Imagine your workspace were by the beach; oh how productive would that be!

2. 10 Minutes At the Beach = Your Daily Vitamin D intake

One of the vitamins most needed in a human’s body is vitamin D, but it is also the vitamin that has been proven to be lacking in many people! This is because very little of it is absorbed from food, so a high reliance on the sun and beach is almost a necessity for our bodies. Even if you ensure vitamin D intakes in your food, it’s sometimes just not enough for your body. However, with just 10 minutes at the beach you can reach your daily needed vitamin D dose, because the sun allows you to absorb vitamin D through your skin directly! Imagine how much you can improve your health by just 10 minutes at the beach. You can learn so much more benefit if you love the beach on SeasidePlanet.com and gain more information on how you can make the most of a few hours.

3. The Beach Heals Wounds (Literally)

Salt water is a natural disinfectant, meaning that salt water could be a great substitute for a disinfectant wipes. Some have said that the salt water performs even better than a disinfectant wipe! This is because the water assists in strengthening the cellular immunity of your body. Doctors have proven that sea water plays a key role in eliminating tumors as well!

4. You’re More Likely to Exercise

If you’re a beach person, then you’ll be looking forward to exercising by the beach! Yes, sometimes we’d want to arrive at the beach and just get tanned. However, there are days where you feel energetic and want to use this energy somewhere. We don’t mean just working out by the beach; swimming is a great type of workout. It’s a low impact sport that’s proven, easy on the joints and burns a lot of calories. Next time you’re heading to the beach, make sure you bring your energy with you!

5. The Sound of the Ocean Soothes You

The sound of the waves crashing actually has a healing effect on our minds! This is why when you look for meditation tracks, you’ll find a lot of them with ocean waves in the background to give you the feeling of waves crashing on the shore. Using medical terms, the sound triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin. These reduce the stress level you may experiencing and helps you reach a stable level of relaxation. A day at the beach is indeed a day of therapy!

6. The Beach Boosts your Immune System

It has been proven by doctors that just a trip to the ocean prevents autoimmune diseases. Several minerals can be benefited from the ocean and these minerals are the true essence in boosting your immune system! Seawater also helps in getting rid of the toxins in your body. As we’ve stated earlier, seawater helps cuts and wounds heal faster. Iodine in the sea waves is very beneficial for your thyroid and this boosts your immune system as well.

7. Walking on the Sand is Preferable!

It’s actually much better for your body to walk on sand than to walk with shoes on or walk on any other surface! Walking on the sand stimulates the nerve endings you have on the soles of your feet! Apparently, it’s also great exercise to walk on sand because it takes almost double the energy to do it, since it’s not a rigid surface. So you’ll burn more calories too!

8. You’re More Likely to Eat Seafood

Seafood restaurants are more likely to be found around the beach, so you’re much more likely to walk into one if you’re by the beach than any other place. Seafood is great for your body because it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provides your body with nutrients needed; nutrients you’ll never find in burgers and pizzas!

You’ll always find the beach associated with happiness, peacefulness, a break, or even just a tan. The point is, the beach is always a positive aspect that has a beautiful effect on people. And apparently, there are even more positive benefits to it as well. Research has proven that spending time at the beach is good for your wellbeing. Those who live by the beach or coast have shown much better mental and physical health than those who live in the cities or even the suburbs! Maybe include the beach as a regular routine now since you’ve gotten to know the benefits.

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