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8 Things To Do During Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

8 Things To Do During Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

You’ve made it to your second trimester of pregnancy, congratulations! If you’re like most pregnant women, now is when things really start to feel real. You’re actually going to be having a baby in less than 6 months!

There’s so much to prepare for – from finding the most unique name for your baby girl or boy to getting the nursery ready – so many questions to answer, and tons of decisions to make. You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed, but with proper planning, you’ll do wonderfully!

The following 5 things are must-dos during your second trimester of pregnancy:

  1. Start thinking about a baby name. It can be hard to think of a name that’s worthy of your baby boy or girl, so it’s important to begin pondering this sooner rather than later. For baby name inspiration, take a peek at this list of space names for boys and girls. Or, for gender neutral options, check out these cool nonbinary names. Be sure to keep a shortlist of your favorites and discuss them with your partner so the negotiations can begin!
  2. Choose where your baby is going to sleep. During the first few months, most parents find it easiest for their babies to sleep in the master bedroom in a bassinet. Your second trimester is a great time to start researching bassinets. Keep in mind that Pack N Plays are also safe sleep spaces that might have greater longevity.
  3. Begin planning maternity and paternity leave. Start by investigating the family leave laws in your state. Next, think about how much time you want to take off and who will cover for you while you’re gone. Make a plan with your partner and then speak to your boss or company benefits office to see what policies they have in place.
  4. Scratch your travel itch. Your second trimester is the perfect time to get out of town, whether for vacation or to see friends and family. You won’t want to be traveling when you get closer to your due date, so make the most of this time in your pregnancy.
  5. Start a baby registry. You’re going to have a baby shower soon, right? The sooner you start registering, the better – and your second trimester is the perfect time to get started! Putting together a baby registry is much easier said than done. There are SO many baby products and figuring out what your baby will need can be super overwhelming. Not to mention, many of the products marketed for infant sleep are not actually safe for sleep. (Be sure to join a few evidence-based groups to learn what’s safe and what to avoid).
  6. Buy some maternity clothes. Even if your belly isn’t huge yet, it’s about to get there. Start off with some pants, preferably a pair that you can get away with wearing to work but also feel comfortable lounging in.
  7. Go to the dentist. Many pregnant women don’t realize that their teeth and gums are at risk for problems during pregnancy. Don’t forget to tell your dentist you’re pregnant!
  8. Look into ordering a breast pump. Thankfully, your health insurance company should cover the cost of a basic one. If you want something fancy with extra features, you may have to kick in part of the cost yourself.

Your second trimester is an exciting time in your pregnancy journey! Enjoy this period of relative calm before the storm that will be delivery and early parenthood!

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