8 Things to do with your Old Clothes

Are you looking for a way out of your old clothes? As we never have enough of our favourite t-shirts, trousers, skirts, but we do grow, or our favourite clothes lose shine with time. Surely in one way or the other, you can commemorate with your old hoodie or pair of gloves that have been around with you for almost five years.

Do know these clothes are not waste and can be used in one or other ways. So dont treat your old clothes as they are not required. Try to look for a medium to utilise these fabrics to make something useful without harming any natural resource. In this article, we will learn about the ways you can use your old clothes and create a difference in other’s life:

Textile recycling

At times we see our old clothes getting torn apart or worn out. If some of your clothes are ruined and you can’t wear them any longer, consider donating them to any of the local textile recycling programs. Many countries contribute tons of waste fabrics harming the environment and contributing to landfills. Most of the unwanted fabric or waste can be recycled through revolutionary programs. To initiate these programs for clothing recycling in Australia, awareness about textile recycling is required to help people share their thoughts in the right direction.


Donating your old clothes to needy people is a great way of getting rid of your old clothes, and you will be surprised by the feeling of satisfaction achieved after donating. You can support immigrant families, refugees or people seeking shelter through churches or community programs.

Exchange them

Few premium brands like H&M and Marks & Spencer allow people to exchange their old clothes purchased from the brand with the new ones. Terms and conditions can be different every time but will help you get rid of your old clothes and fill the gap in your closet with the new ones.

Resell your old clothes

At times we buy a few clothes and forget to wear them, or they don’t fit us any more. If any of your old clothes is in its best form, then you can try reselling them on online platforms, like eBay or Car Boot sales. Selling your old clothes can turn out to be quite profitable, easy and rewarding for you.


DIY is a way that can help you in turning your old clothes into something functional, and you will end up making out a quilt, grocery bag or rug. For the same, you can easily use your old shirts and hula hoop for weaving into a big rug. These homemade quilts or rugs look super fancy at home and are quite durable as you can wash and reuse them when required.


If you do not want to go off your favourite fabric, you can upcycle them to another style. For example, you can dye them in different shades, paste the patches at different places of your old clothes; for t-shirts, you can even try cutting out a sleeve to make them look trendy. It will allow you not only to wear your favourite clothes again but in a new style.

Repair them

Clothes can lose stitching, have tiny holes or missing buttons, and easily be fixed in a few minutes. Instead of rushing to donate your clothes or throwing them in a bin, you can reach out to a local tailor and extend the life of your old clothes. This small investment will allow you to pair up your old clothes with new ones and you can save your money for other expenditures.

Rent out your old clothes

Renting out your old clothes is a new thing. The trend is picking up the market as. If you have a dress that is lying in your closet for years as you are getting any occasion to wear it out, try renting to others for a small fee. By renting you can earn some money, and your old clothes will also be put to use.

The above-stated tips for using your old clothes are easy to use and will not allow any investment. Try making the best out of the list and clear up your closet from your old clothes.