8 Things To Remember While Getting A Male Massage


It can be scary to imagine a stranger touching your naked body for more than an hour even if you’ve ever received a gift card for a massage, whether it was for Father’s Day or a birthday gift. When you think about it, it’s kind of awkward. It is obvious that there must be unwritten rules that govern the entire experience of male massage. Well there are, this code of etiquette will make your time with the therapist much more enjoyable for both of you.

8 things you should remember when getting a massage

Preliminary: Do you choose a male therapist or a female one? This topic is often a contentious one among men. Is it gay to have a male massage therapist? Is it cheating to have a woman as a massage therapist? Both are false. It all comes down to personal preference. It is a common belief that most men prefer female therapists to those of us who are not married. It was a bit strange for me to have a woman touching my skin after my first massage. It’s not about seduction, it’s relaxation. However, it is possible to have a man massage you if you are having trouble sleeping. You can try both and find out which one feels most comfortable.

1. Before you touch someone, take a quick shower.

You could also be mowing the lawn or doing landscaping work. You’re welcome. You can get rid of all the stenk and come clean and new. Your therapist will likely also rub down your feet, so trim your nails before you go.

2. It’s best to arrive early

Prior to a massage appointment you will need to complete some paperwork regarding your health and talk with the therapist about what you are looking for. You are actually wasting your time by not arriving at the appointment’s start time. If it’s your first massage, 15 minutes is a good time. If you are a regular, it’s fine to be 5 minutes early.

3. Your phone should be turned off

It’s not a good idea for your phone to buzz during a time when you should be enjoying a peaceful 30-90 minute period. Even a slight vibration can be noticeable in a quiet space, so turn it off. After being on for several months, it’s likely that you need a break.

4. Know your undress comfort level

Before beginning a massage, the therapist will usually tell you to dress according to your comfort level. The therapist will leave the room and ask you to change. Either you’ll wear your underwear, or go all the way down to your nude. You can wear whatever you like. Your underwear is not an issue if it’s on. You don’t have to take it off. It is much easier for a therapist to work with a cloth barrier to reduce their movements. This is especially true if they are working with large, baggy boxer briefs.

Although it’s not unusual to feel uncomfortable removing your underwear after a massage, you will likely feel more comfortable doing so during subsequent visits. You’re dealing with someone who sees human flesh every day. He won’t find tiny glimpses of your buttocks strange, sexual or interesting.

5. Talk to the massage therapist

The massage therapist should know. The therapist will usually ask you what pressure you prefer at the beginning. If you don’t know what you want, let them know. Next, communicate with you whether or not you like what you’re doing. It’s not personal in this setting.

If you do not want certain parts of your body to be massaged, it is important that you communicate with the therapist at the beginning. I, for instance, don’t like my feet being massaged (they’re too ticklish and I don’t really like them), so I always tell the therapist before I start.

Do you feel the need to have a conversation? As I said, feedback is fine and small talk is also acceptable. However, you shouldn’t feel the urge to have a conversation. It’s fine to talk if you wish, but it is also perfectly acceptable to just relax in silence and close your eyes. Your therapist will not be offended if you fall asleep.

6. How about your bodily functions?

It is not unusual to pass gas while undergoing a massage. It happens sometimes because you’re so relaxed. Although you may be embarrassed, the therapist will not judge.

Although your therapist may enjoy a few toots, it is not common for them to want a gas bomb to go off in their small room. If you have a lot of gas, or need to go to the toilet, it is okay to stop the session. The same applies to if you need to pee or just blow your nose. You can call for a timeout.

Although it is not common, there are some cases where men experience an erection while receiving massages. This is nothing to be ashamed of (again, it’s probably not). It does happen and your therapist will not be offended. Before I received my first massage, I read about it and was scared that it would happen.

7. Do make it vulgar

Asking for sexual favours is a strict no-no when it comes to massage. There is this pre-occupied assumption that masseuses can be asked for sexual favours, which is a complete lie and misconception.  don’t do it, and don’t make any jokes about it. This can lead to an uncomfortable position for both you and your masseuses. It can also lead to legal action against you for indecent proposals and obscenity.

8. Always leave a Tip

You should leave a tip to the massage therapist. You have two options: cash or leave it at the front desk. Or, you can add it to your credit card bill. If you are using a gift card, be sure to bring cash with you to tip your therapist.

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