8 Tips on How to Upgrade Your Car’s Audio System


Your car should be the number one place where you get to enjoy your choice of music without interruption or annoying anyone. This is because, out there, people have various preferences, so you better please yourself when you can. And it’s for this very reason that you should ensure the stereos of your auto give you the booming effect that you desire. You can achieve this in many ways and they include;

1. Get Some Decent Speakers

Replacing your factory speakers is one of the best decisions you could ever make when considering upgrading your car’s audio system. This is because most manufacturers don’t place quality interest in the speakers. They are normally quite cheap with cheap material constructions. So purpose to purchase premium ones with better quality materials for a better sound and durability. Get the ones that perfectly fit your car and start by fixing them upfront to the back of the car.  Also make sure you get a great car subwoofer as well.

Alternatively, you can opt to buy in pairs; for the front doors and the rear ones. Just ensure that they complement each other well.

2. Upgrade The Head-unit

Right at the center of the car’s stereo, lies the head unit. And it’s this system that allows you and your loved ones to get a clear listen to your favorite music, take calls or tune to the radio. To ensure that you’re always up-to-date, purpose to know the type of head unit in your car and shop around for the most recent upgrade. Just ensure it’s compatible with your auto and will meet all your needs including the best double din head unit for sound.

3. Add Some Power

This is a very important step for bass lovers to get the music popping without distorting the quality of the speakers. In fact, in this regard, you can decide between an amplifier and a subwoofer or an alone-stand powered subwoofer. But technically speaking, a subwoofer with an amplifier makes the perfect choice for that incredible booming effect. But if simplicity is your second name, then a powered stand-alone subwoofer will also do. At the end of it, the music/audio should sound clearer even at the highest volume.

Consequently, if you have more money to spend, go for a combination of amp, and speaker level inputs, for easy connection to the headset. If you don’t have time to hop from one store to the next, you can always opt for a trusted website for everything car audio and select what you need. From best shallow mount subwoofers to channel amplifiers, the online market is full of varieties.

4. Invest In A Dynamat

This insulating material can turn your car into a dancing floor, (if there’s anything like that) in seconds. Once you purchase them, carefully place them inside the car doors, such that the audio sounds being played inside the car remain internal and the outside sounds (external), remain on the outside. To achieve this, place it in between the various speakers and the car door’s sheet material and you will be good to go. You won’t even notice you’re moving against the highway wind. It’s like getting rid of external barriers once and for all.

5. Use Quality speaker wire And Cables

Wires and cables are responsible for transporting sounds and power between various stereo parts. So if you’re using cheap and worn out ones, especially the very long ones, then you must be used to audio degrade by now. But don’t worry, now that you know it, it’s time to do something about it. First, go out and shop for thicker cables. This is to allow free movement of power to the amp so that it receives the boosts it requires at the right time.

You should also, by all means, avoid using too short cables as they will end up starving both the speakers and amplifier of the much-needed power when increasing volume. Too long gauge wires, on the other hand, can prolong the transportation of power causing a system problem. So if you have never thought about it, it’s time you know that using the correct cables and quality combination can improve your audio quality to a way you have never experienced before.

6. Adjust Your Phone’s Sound Settings If You’re Playing Music From There

Sometimes the problem with final audio quality you receive doesn’t lie with the car system but rather the external device that you are using to connect the music. In fact, this is one fact that most people tend to forget about. So the next time that you feel like something isn’t adding up even after ensuring the stereo is on point, go to the equalizer on your phone and adjust accordingly. Consequently, you can install various helpful Apps to help you achieve the quality you desire.

7. Make Smart adjustments

Sometimes you have to act smart when it comes to achieving various sounds. For example, getting the best bass sound quality doesn’t just depend on adjusting it upwards. This will only work if yours is high-end equipment, which by the way most individuals cannot afford. Instead, focus on working backward by starting with the midtones and the treble before heading to the bass then finally the volume. This way, you won’t distort or over-stress your speakers, hence enhancing their productivity and durability.

8. Get Rid Of Those Crappy Music Files

Yes, you might have enjoyed those compressed MP3 music files all through high school and mid-college, but what you once called “awesome” sound can turn into your ears’ nightmare in a matter of seconds when using a car. This is because some of those files have no capability to fill in the data required for fine-tuning of highs and lows. Save your energy, stop forcing it and get some new upgraded music for your auto. After all, you’re all grown and so should your sound system.

Having a good car doesn’t only reflect on its exteriors, it also includes the interiors and that should also mean an excellent audio system. But sometimes, due to age or unavoidable circumstances, you might realize that the quality of your car’s stereo system isn’t as pleasing as you wanted. If this happens to be the case, then we hope you find the above tips helpful in helping you perform that much-needed upgrade. It’s time to enjoy music on-the-go!


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