8 Ways to Get Rid of Sagging Neck Skin


Sagging neck skin is often caused by aging because as you age, your skin will naturally lose its elasticity. Other factors, such as genetics, sun exposure, as well as smoking, can also lead to sagging neck skin. If you have a sagging neck skin, below are some of the ways on how you will be able to get rid of sagging skin.

Neck Tightening Procedures

There are several neck tightening procedures that can help you get a firmer skin in your neck area, without having to go through invasive procedures. Two of the most popular neck tightening procedures include the use of injectables, as well as ultrasound therapy.

1. Injectables

One of the ways to get rid of sagging neck skin is by leveraging neck tightening procedures. In this case, you can have a neck lift through Botox Injections that can help relax your neck muscles. The result is not only a noticeable reduction in the sagging skin on your neck but also a decrease in your fine lines.

2. Ultrasound Therapy

There is also the option for you to go for an ultrasound therapy that stimulates collagen and elastin in the muscles beneath your skin through ultrasound energy. You will feel a little pain with this minimally invasive procedure, but it is worth it because the results last for a year or more. Rest assured that the discomfort you feel will subside within a couple of minutes after your treatment.

Natural Products

There are also various natural products that you can apply directly on your neck to make the skin around it tighter and firmer. Some of these include coconut oil, as well as cucumber juice.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can keep your skin smooth and hydrated, which is important in preventing and treating sagging. It has fatty acids that can penetrate your skin, protecting its natural proteins, which are effective in eliminating wrinkles too. Apply coconut oil twice a day, one in the morning, and double the amount that you apply at night before going to bed. It is essential that you only go for coconut oil that is pure and has not been treated with any harmful chemicals.

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice can take out toxins from the pores of your skin and tighten collagen beneath it. All you need is one peeled cucumber that is cut into small pieces. Strain the cucumber, separating its water from its pulp. Apply the juice that you have extracted from the cucumber on your face using a cotton ball, just as you would a normal toner. If you use these natural products regularly, you will be able to get rid of the sagging skin on your neck.


You can also perform certain exercises that can help you get rid of the sagging skin on your neck. However, most of these exercises need to be religiously done a couple of times a week, if not daily.

5. Spoon Exercise

With a spoon exercise, you need to use your jaw to raise a tablespoon. From there, you need to smile and hold the position for about 10 seconds. After this, relax your cheeks for a couple of seconds and repeat your spoon hold position.

6. Forehead Push

You can also try a forehead push wherein you need to push your head against your hand that touches your forehead without necessarily allowing your head to move forward. Reverse the motion by putting your hands behind your head and pushing your head backward. The tension will cause tightness and toning to your neck muscles. This exercise proves to be effective if done twice daily.

7. Gum Chew

There is also the option for you to try the gum chew that involves bringing your teeth apart while keeping your lips shut and your head tilted back, facing towards the ceiling. After this, clench your teeth back together. The idea is that you mimic the act of chewing a big gum. Repeat this motion for at least 20 times. Doing this exercise at least three times a week will help you get rid of the sagging skin on your neck.

8. Gulping Fish

Another exercise that can help you get rid of the sagging skin on your neck is the gulping fish that entails the need for you to apply gentle downward pressure on your collarbone while you are looking up the ceiling. Alongside this, jut your lower jaw. You should feel a slight pull down across your neck in doing so, and this is what you are after.

Gulping Fish

To wrap things up, there are several ways on how you can get rid of sagging neck skin. For instance, you can explore neck tightening procedures or use natural topical products. There are also a few exercises that you can do to mitigate further loosening of your skin. All these are geared towards ensuring that you get that youthful glow without sagging skin.

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