8 Ways to Incorporate Watches to Your Fashion


Watches can turn your outfit from something dull and basic to luxurious and sophisticated. It’s all about finding the right watch like the Omega Speedmaster to complement your outfit.

From vintage luxury watches to technologically advanced smartwatches, here are eight ways to incorporate wrist timepieces to your everyday aesthetic.

Wear it for your errands

No one really tries too hard when they dress for errands, but that doesn’t mean you should totally forget about your style! You can turn a simple white tee and denim jeans into a stylish ensemble by pairing it with a wristwatch.

Turn heads while paying your bills with a vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Futurematic Jumbo in steel. This vintage wearable is comfortable, distinctive, and more importantly, robust.

Because you’re traveling from place to place, your watch will inevitably be shaken from your movements. This is no problem for the Jaeger-LeCoultre because it’s made with sturdy materials so bumps and bruises won’t phase your watch.

Make it athleisure

Gym day is no excuse to leave your watch behind. In fact, with the emergence of digital smartwatches, people are more motivated to sign up for gym memberships (it’s the perfect excuse to buy a smartwatch!)

Track your activity and get fitness coaching with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It’s inexpensive but comes with quality features that make the purchase worth it. With a round face and customizable straps, wearing this smartwatch will upgrade your outfit from gym newbie to gym god.

Add a pop of color

Monochrome outfits are the easiest pieces you can wear with minimal effort. However, with everyone sporting the same look, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Avoid being overlooked and add a pop of color to your outfit by decorating your wrist with a bold wristwatch.

With an emerald green dial, the Limited Edition Seiko 62MAS SPB081J1 is the perfect dash of color to stray away from the black and white ensemble.

Pair it with other accessories

Think your watch isn’t enough? You can always match it with other accessories.

Hugo Boss doesn’t just think about your wrist, but your entire outfit. They sell a watch and cufflinks set so you can look even better during your staff meetings and high-stakes pitches.

Your wardrobe gets a touch of elegance thanks to the carbon-coated stainless steel wristwatch with a dark brown leather strap. The jet black dial and silver hands are complemented by a set of silver cufflinks that are designed to draw the eyes to your exemplary fashion taste.

Make it quirky

Stray from the classic design of watches and say your goodbyes to the round dials. Gucci launched their grip watches inspired by skaters as seen on Television in the late 1970s.

With three windows on the face, it eliminates the need for hands altogether. The spotlight will be on you regardless of where you are because this out of the ordinary watch will do all the social peacocking for you.

Know which strap to use

The cardinal rules of wearing watches are as follows: leather complements leather, and metal complements metal.

When planning your outfits, start by matching your belt with your shoes and top it off by wearing a wristwatch with a leather strap. Black watches should be matched with black shoes and belts.

The watch doesn’t have to be an exact match to your accessories, but try to keep the shades similar (light, medium, and dark tones).

If you’re more keen on using metal bands, it should match or complement your metal accessories. If the frame of your glasses or your ring is more silver than gold, wearing a watch with a silver band will give a more cohesive finish to your look.

Be wary of print

The rules of fashion vary all the time, and the print on print trend has only become more popular. We’re here to tell you that this doesn’t apply with watches.

If your choice of outfit leans towards the print design, it’s best to let your outfit do all the talking and leave your wristwatch as a subtle accent by using a timeless classic.

The classic collection of Rolex consists of Swiss-made quality models that combine the brand’s know-how and extreme standards of perfection, highlighting the watchmaking heritage. Models like the Oyster Perpetual provide a clear and accurate time display with its unassuming dial and silver band. It’s simple and solid, but won’t leave you wanting for anything.

Find an appropriate watch for the occasion

If you’re an avid collector of watches, you should have pieces that are made for different occasions. From sturdy sport watches that can brave nature’s elements to fancy dress watches to impress your friends, having different watches for various events can make it easier to incorporate these timekeeping accessories into your wardrobe.

Invest in the Apple Watch Series 5 for all your outdoor activities because it’s specifically made for the adventurous type, but don’t forget to buy a simple dress watch like the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield to impress your partner on date night.

Watches are simple and unobtrusive accessories that can be easily form-fitted for every lifestyle. All you need is the right kind to make you look good.

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