8 Ways to Shop Without Guilt

Leaving your house to buy one item and you get back with an armful of bags is a situation you are probably all too familiar with. Later on, you make resolutions never to repeat the same thing, but this shopping guilt only lasts until the next shopping day. This unending cycle leaves you financially and emotionally drained, and if you are not careful, it might wreck your credit score. So how do you turn this around?

1) Cash in on Store Rewards

Shops that reward their customers make you feel appreciated as you end up walking out with more than you bargained for. Customer rewards range from gift cards, discounts, coupons, and amazing deals on after-sale services. Promo codes such as an eBay promo code also help you get items at discounted prices. Check their expiry dates to ensure that you get to take full advantage of your goodies.

2) Buy Second Hand

Buying items from brand stores or high-end malls are expensive. However, you can buy from thrift stores for a lot less. Additionally, buying items from flea markets and garage sales might help as the items are mostly sold at throwaway prices since owners want them out of their hair. For branded items, give it time as the prices are significantly lowered during clearance sales. Still, you can get the items at a reasonable price.

3) Buy Knock-Offs

Branded items cost an arm and a leg and might not be within your price range. To ensure your wallet does not take a dip, buy knock-offs since they still look the same and cost a lot less. Some high-end sellers have made a range of items that allow you to still enjoy the brand, with items costing way less than their mainline products.

4) Get a Shopping Account

 You do not have to be a miser or miss out on the good things to avoid feeling guilty afterward. You can save towards buying an item, and this helps you maintain some bit of control. Know when you have excess money and direct it to that account, and you can use it to pay when out for a shopping spree. Keep the account separate for accountability purposes.

5) Support a Good Cause

Consider supporting a good cause while getting the items you need. Check which philanthropic acts the brands or stores support and be part of it. Additionally, buying fairly priced items to avoid sweatshops and poorly remunerated laborers helps reduce shopping guilt.

6) Buy Less Often

You do not have to hit the store every day. Making a few trips each month or year helps reduce overspending and shopping guilt. You can make your shopping experience much easier by visiting the stores on specified days and sticking to the schedule. This can help you find discounted items that stores keep promoting, and you end up taking home more than you had planned for the same price.

7) Buy From a List

Before leaving the house for shopping, make a list. This helps you control your buying impulses and also come back with all items needed. If you can, estimate the cost as this helps you carry the exact cash needed for your shopping haul and avoid impulse buying.

8) Buy to Flip and Reclaim

Items whose owners consider too old and worn-out sell them at throwaway prices. Buying and refurbishing them would cost a lot less than getting the exact new piece from a store. For clothes, you can buy and have a dressmaker make adjustments or make a whole new outfit out of it.