8 Ways to Take the Edge Off a Hard Week

We’ve all heard of “taking the edge off” a hard day or week, but what exactly is “the edge,” and can it be softened in a safe, sustainable way?

In truth, everyone has their own edge, whether it’s a feeling of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, or even boredom. At a certain point, CBD bath salts and candlelight become more appealing than parties and nights out.

An intelligent approach to relaxation allows you to get the most out of your days off and prepare for what’s to come. Here are eight practices to incorporate now and experience proper self-care.

1. Time Spent with Friends

Close friends are truly invaluable when it comes to winding down and alleviating the stress of a tough week at work or school. You don’t even need fancy drinks or access to exclusive venues to enjoy a meaningful and encouraging convo with the people you trust most.

Have a couple of friends over on a Friday and vent to your heart’s content over wine, tea, and some snacks–you can’t go wrong.

Just be cautious when dealing with friends who may pressure you to take the party to the next level when you’re not feeling it. 

2. Low-Key Creativity

For those with an artistic streak, nothing is more stress-melting than diving into a creative process after a long week of following the rules. 

Maybe you’re a painter with a knack for abstracts or landscapes, or a musician ready to lay down some beats in the home studio.

By no means do you need to be a professional to enjoy these relaxing rituals on a Thursday, Friday, or any night of the week, for that matter! Tap into your creative potential and experience the relaxing effects for yourself.

3. Elegant Evening Routine

We often see influencers post their morning routines on social media, but evening routines are not nearly as popular for some reason. That’s because most folks don’t have a plan for the evening, and just lounge around in front of the TV or computer.

Take this opportunity to finally formulate an evening routine you can be proud of, and set yourself up for success the following day. This might include a bubble bath with CBD bath salts, a delicious home-cooked meal, and an old-school movie rather than a TV show marathon. 

4. Chilled Out Household Chores

We know–chores don’t have a reputation for being very relaxing, but it’s all about perspective. If you view chores as a form of self-care and take pride in organizing your space, it can be an enjoyable way to spend an evening. 

Vacuuming, dusting surfaces, doing laundry and dishes, or just reorganizing drawers or moving things around can be soothing and inspiring. Put on some nice tunes or an audiobook, plus a glass of wine within reach, and you’ll be unstoppable. 

5. Introspection and Reflection

After a whirlwind of a week, your mind may be buzzing with random thoughts and emotions that persist long after clocking out. Rather than relying on substances to suppress these signals, try flipping the script and sorting out these ideas in an organized, effective way.

This is the power of journaling that many people rely on to make sense of their thoughts during stressful times. Simply grab a pen and pad, or start typing in a blank document to get everything down onto the page.

You’ll be amazed how quickly you feel relief and see things more clearly once you have your ideas out in the open and in context with everything else in life. 

6. Deep Breathing and Meditation

You don’t need a two-week retreat to get the benefits of deep breathing and meditation techniques as outlined by spiritual masters of various traditions. The internet is loaded with free meditation tracks that point you in the right direction, depending on your state of mind.

Combined with other self-care techniques like yoga, journaling, and a balanced lifestyle, you may not even need that glass of wine at the end of the week. 

7. Cleansing Hygiene and Grooming

Even if you’ve showered each day throughout the week, nothing achieves that deep soul-cleansing feeling like a nice half-hour bubble bath with all the fixings. 

This is your moment to light candles, sprinkle CBD bath salts, and set the mood right with music or ambient noise to melt into a state of bathtime bliss. Follow up with your favorite grooming routine so you can enter the weekend glowing.

8. Calming Yoga and Stretching

What better way to finish off an evening than with some low-key yoga or a freestyle stretch routine? Just fifteen minutes on the mat can loosen muscles made tense from the work week, specifically targeting the lower back, shoulders, and neck. 

Pre-bedtime yoga is a powerful self-care method that you should try incorporating every night, helping you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling great.

Smarter, Safer Ways to Relax

Part of being a well-rounded, intelligent adult is using relaxation tactics that actually improve your state of body and mind. Unlock your ultimate self-care routine with these tips and enjoy each weekend to the fullest.