80s Home Décor Trends


In this modern digital era, there are more smart gadgets and equipment compared to the 80s house. It is not only a different sight but also a pleasant experience. Some of these 80s home décor trends have been evident in movies, and many trends are back in fashion. Let’s take a look at some of the home décor trends that this generation is missing out: 

Wood Panels

Pick any 80s movie and you will see wooden panels in most of the houses; big or small, simple or lavish. Soon interior designers replaced these wooden panels made a room dull and boring, hence they replaced them with cool wallpapers and painted walls.

Vintage glass tables

Although you may see glass tables in many houses and offices around, they have been replaced by wooden coffee tables and acrylic tabletops. 

The 80s was more about complete full glass table tops with wooden or metal legs, especially dining tables that give the eating area a classic appearance. 

Pastel Walls

Bright, neon colors are the language for today’s’ home décor but in the 80s people preferred pastel-coloured walls. Colors like grey, beige, pearl white, lavender, peach and sky blue were visible around and guess what, some of these pinks and yellows are back in trend. 

Brass is Back

It was gold, silver, then came rose gold and now comes back the 80s brass. Jazz-up your drawing, living and bedroom furniture with brass-fitted lamps, mirrors and decorative items.

Tufted Headboards

Tufted headboards were glassy, glamorous and considered as luxurious in the 80s. The colors of the headboard blended with the mattress and bed cover were the hit trend of that time. Today, you may not see matching mattresses and headboards but tufted headboards are certainly back in fashion.

Tiled Countertops

You must have marble or granite on your kitchen countertop, but ever thought what the trend was back in the 80s? Countertops make from tiles and we tell you, there were not that easy to clean. Whoever got this marble and granite in trend has definitely made life easier. 


This traditional Japanese style bed cum sofa was stylishly placed in the 80s bedroom and living area, however, today they have taken place in dorms and studio apartments.

Damask Prints

From wallpapers to curtains, sofa prints and bed covers all had one thing common and that’s Damask prints. The 80s home décor was incomplete without a damask print in the house, in shades of grey, pink and off white. 


Floor-touching drapes were a common part 80s home. Curtains with floral, damask prints embellished with whistles, laces, valances and bells gave rooms a vintage look. 

Wicker Furniture

Yes, Wicker furniture, one that you see in patios, poolside and gardens was once part of the interiors of 80s homes and very profoundly used in the drawing and living rooms. 

Pine Shine Everywhere

 Pine is expensive and elegant but in the 80s, Pine furniture was all around the house, in the bedroom, study room, drawers in the lounge and kitchen shelves. 

Floral Interiors

Floral finesse was not just part of the 80s movies, but rather the 80s homes were flooded with floral prints. These included sofa covers, bed sheets, table cloths, curtains, cushion covers, wallpapers and even crockery. 

Glass Brick Blocks

In the 80s, many houses had walls and windows covered with glass blocks. Earlier these glass blocks came transparent but soon they were innovated with cool colors that added contrast to the interior and exterior. Glass Blocks can yet be seen in many houses today.

Indoor Plants

You may think what’s so different today in indoor plants? The answer is balance! In the 80s, homes had indoor plants everywhere, from ficus to ferns and hanging ones, homes going green was a common trend. 

CD Racks and Stereo Systems

Although stereo systems have been replaced with home theatres, CD and cassette racks are things today’s children don’t know.  The 80s homes had smaller TVs but large, well-equipped entertainment areas with plenty of audio/video cassettes and CDs. 


We hope the old-styled home décor trends were fascinating. If you are part of this generation, you may not like many of the 80s fashion trends. Hang in there because lots of these things are coming back in fashion blended with today’s designs and colors; to fit your taste and preferences. 

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