9 Celebrities Who Are Vegan & Why

From A-list actors to award-winning singers, an army of celebrities has joined the vegan movement encouraging a lot of vegans all over the world. There are a variety of reasons why many celebrities decided to go vegan. Some do not take the meat and its products for ethical and moral reasons while others due to health or environmental reasons. Other celebrities just enjoy the simple taste. It has shown many people that veganism is here to stay, and its members are increasing every day. You can get more insight on getvegan.com in case you also want to embark on the same journey.

This article has compiled 9 celebrities who are vegan and why they decided to take that journey.


For several years now, the queen herself has been linked to the vegan movement. Before the performance on Coachella in 2018, the singer shared a video describing her vegan journey. Beyonce, known for being one of the top pop female stars, posted a clip in her YouTube channel in July 2019. It was titled “22 Days Nutrition”, and it detailed her exercise and diet regime just before her performance following the birth of her last born twins. For the mother of three, going vegan is all about creating healthier habits by consuming plant sources, as explained on her website. Marcos Borges, Beyonce’s trainer, explained that the famous singer and her team went full vegan before the performance. The Single Ladies star also offered free tickets to her American fans if they were committed to consuming more plant source foods in alliance with the Greenprint Project.


In June 2020, the Truth Hurts star announced on TikTok that she had joined the vegan movement through sharing many videos of her dishes. The 32-year-old singer said that she starts her day off with a green breakfast smoothie which contains some frozen fruit, kale or spinach, and coconut water. During lunchtime, she takes a salad made with broccoli, kale, avocado, and red cabbage while supper was leftover salad, quinoa, and a truffle-chickpea mushroom ball. For her dessert, she consumed a peanut butter jelly smoothie which is made with vanilla protein powder and oat milk.

In her TikTok videos, she explained that every journey is personal and deserves celebrations. She also explained that as a new vegan, she enjoyed exploring different flavors from plant-based proteins and plants. Lizzo stated that she used to eat a lot of hot Cheetos which did not go well with her acid reflux.

Jessica Chastain

The American actress and producer started her vegan journey in 2007 and regularly speaks about it openly. The Help star admitted that she was first a pescatarian but later on decided to become a vegan due to low levels of energy in an interview with W Magazine. She said that a friend of hers had a two-week vegan food delivery plan which she was not going to use, so she decided to try it. After trying it, she admitted that she had so much energy that she had never had her whole life. She also claimed that going vegan wasn’t something she had ever thought about and just listened to what her body was trying to say.

Miley Cyrus

The Hannah Montana star joined the vegan movement in 2014 and also in 2018 December when she got married to Liam Hemsworth in a small ceremony. According to US Magazine, the couple had a reception with only vegan foods. Veganism has impacted the 27-year-old star’s life. She has won the ‘Best Voice 4 Animal award in 2017’ from the animal rights organization PETA and wore an anti-fur activist dress during her wedding day.

For the Mother’s Daughter singer, being a vegan means wearing more vintage, making custom vegan pieces with her favorite designers, and playing with new technology and eco-materials.

Natalie Portman

Natalie has been vegan for most of her life since the age of nine. The star told PopSugar that in her household everyone decides what they want to eat since her husband, Benjamin Millepied, is not vegan. She also claimed that she likes hanging around people that consume what they want since everyone is free to make their own decisions. Reportedly, the actress told students from WE Day California that once she started becoming active in women’s issues is when she realized that her vegan diet was related to the same issues.

Ariana Grande

The Dangerous Woman singer explained on Twitter in 2013 that she was starting her full vegan journey and also claimed that she has been consuming organic foods mostly and rarely ate meat since she was a child. PETA thanked Ariana for the decision she had made, and she said that she was pleased as a result of taking the vegan direction. One year later, the famous singer explained in an interview with Mirror why she had become vegan. She claimed that her love for animals was more than that of most people. Ariana Grande also explained that she is a firm believer in whole food full plant-based diets which increases the life length and makes you happy.

Thandie Newton

After working with Woody Harrelson in the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, Thandie admitted to becoming vegan in Associated Press. She told the news outlet that she thought that having a vegan in a position of power is good. She opened up about her journey on being a vegan and claimed that she was fine, and it never did anything to her brain.

Venus Williams

Being a very active tennis champion, you do not expect Venus Williams to joke with her diet. According to Vegan Life magazine, the champion has been vegan for a few years after she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, which is a condition that leads to extreme fatigue. In 2017 she admitted during an interview with Health magazine that once she started the journey, she fell in love with energizing her body in the best way. It helped her on the court and felt she was doing the right thing for her.

Kate Mara

After reading a book called The Beauty, Detox Solution Kate has been a vegan for more than five years, which she told the Shape magazine in May 2018. At first, she found it hard to give up eating cheese because she loved it so much but never missed meat at all. She also admitted that after cutting off meat products, her stomach felt so much better after suffering from a susceptible stomach for many years.

Many celebrities have proven to millions of fans that they can get vegan and still enjoy meals. Be sure to check out more at Vegan Life magazine.  If you are looking to join the vegan community, you can get motivation from your favorite stars.