9 Key Things to Do As you Start a Twitch Channel

Twitch is one of the most popular gaming forums to connect with viewers and showcase your skills. With over 15 million daily followers, it has since evolved to become a favorite pastime for many. However, streaming on Twitch as a beginner can be a real challenge. It requires persistence to gain consistent viewers. Are you wondering how to start on Twitch? Here are twitch streaming tips for beginners.

1. Acquire a high-quality microphone

A good microphone is a necessity for all twitch streamers. Most people watch live streams for the commentary, and your microphone should have a clear voice. Choose one with noise cancellation features, and ensure that it doesn’t interfere with other wireless devices such as the mouse a WiFi. Opt for a wired connection and also use a headset or earbuds.

2. Get a webcam

Most twitch fans love streams with webcams. The idea behind live streams is to interact with your viewers. They also need to know how you look like, and this is only possible with a webcam. Twitch allows you to take shots at intervals and show it as a thumbnail. This way, your viewers can click on the thumbnail and watch your stream.

The thumbnail acts as a first impression, and it’s very crucial for your viewers.

Streamers with a webcam usually get more viewers than those who don’t, so acquiring a high-quality webcam is a good idea.

3. Have the right software

Once you have all the essential items in place, it’s time to put in place the right software. You can use OBS or consider other alternatives such as xSplit. Stream quality videos and have your stream stand out from the crowd. Position your camera rightly and have a pop-up notification to notify you when you have new followers.

4. Have high-speed internet

Steaming with slow internet can be frustrating and will affect the quality of your stream. Have a connection that enables you to broadcast videos over 720p recording for modems or router. As a beginner, it’s advisable to stream a minimum of 1800-kbps.

5. Use a channel moderation bot

A quality bot will help moderate your chats, keep the spam and unwanted or malicious links at bay. There are different bots available, and getting one for your channel shouldn’t be a challenge. However, what you choose will depend on your preferences.

For instance, do you need a bot that can integrate with your discord with ease, or one that isn’t downloadable? Are you looking for a bot that is easy to use? Some of the best bots to consider are Nightbot, Moobot, DeepBot, Wizebot, Botisimo, and many more.

6. Choose games wisely

There are different games that you can stream, but you need to make a wise selection. To rank better on Twitch, you should have many viewers, and you won’t achieve this if you go for popular games. Consider something that many viewers like, but not many steam.

Check out the list of Twitch games, and skip the first few games on the top of the list. The idea here is, if over 30 other people are streaming the game, it might not be the best option. Go down the list and look at some of the games you like, and how many people are streaming them. Also, consider games that were released a long time ago or free games.

7. Interact with viewers

Your fans will feel appreciated when you interact with them often. Keep refreshing the viewer list and welcome any new fans. Engage them by responding to or asking questions. Keep them engaged as much as possible, and avoid arguments. If someone annoys you, mute them and the conversation early enough.

8. Invite a friend as you start streaming

Viewers are likely to leave when you have no one following you. Set up a Skype call with a friend or loved one for the time when you have no one to view your stream. This way, it will be easier to attract more viewers and have them stick around to watch the stream.

9. Be consistent& persistent

Set up a stream schedule, and this will help you to gain consistent viewers. When you stream any time, you’ll leave your followers confused, and they won’t know when to get you online. Moreover, not all streams are fun; you will sometimes encounter unruly viewers. They may harass your viewers, but to be successful, know how to resolve this, and don’t let it distract you. Keep trying to gain more followers.

Final thoughts

Starting a twitch channel as a beginner may not be easy, but your persistence, consistency, and hard work will define your success. Stream the best games and make them as fun as possible. Also, welcome new viewers, keep them engaged, and give them a reason to stay longer. This way, you’ll have fun and also keep gaining more viewers on your Twitch channel.