9 Major Types of Shower Head: Which One Is a Hit, Which One Is Not

Your household is well organized and manages with all the essential tools that you select with lots of consideration and thoughts. Is it also the case with shower heads? To some, this is not a part where you mull a lot on, but that’s surprising to us.

You may ask why? Because at the end of a hectic and depressing day, a shower is what calms you down. And not having a convenient, modern, feature-rich plus stress releasing fixture at your wash space sounds a bit upsetting. Today’s shower heads come with a lot of modern designs that control water speed and falling style to give you a comfortable experience at bath. And so, when you want to look into optimizing or upgrading your shower space, have a look at the handheld shower head.

Now, there are many types of shower head to talk about. Let’s have a complete conversation on the most used categories of the shower head. We’re sure that it would be quite helpful to pick up on the right type that elevates your mood and energizes your day.

9 Types of Shower Heads: Looking into Varieties

Looking for shower heads for your family to have the dreamy shower? If so, there are different varieties of shower heads available on the recent market for modern bath use. Read down below to catch 9 different styles of shower head for yourself:

Multi-Function Shower Head

Just like its name, this type of shower heads comes with multi-purpose functions in one set. They give rain, massage, water-saving mist, and high pressures raindrop for enjoying the best in both worlds. In fact, you can get heavy rainfall to enjoy every drop of water.

The multi-function shower head has 3 or 4 types of spray jets for special shower experience. With this shower head type, the shower relaxes both bodies and minds to clear bad thoughts and misery.

Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are a great deal for luxury or comfort bath. But, most people thing it consumes lots of water while its totality wrong. It can be round or square shape still gives perfect mist fall and rainfall.

This type of shower head comes with an average flow rate to regulate fancy shower experience. On top, it makes your bathing more pleasurable to feel every drop of water like rain.

Handheld Shower Head

For most bathrooms, giving a perfect comfort plus luxurious finish is quite impossible. But not in this case, the handheld shower head is the most acquired and the most recommended shower head. This multi-use shower head has hose to enjoy shower in different angles.

To be more specific, most of us like handheld shower head with slide bar. However, they are a pro to save water while cleans deeply at the same time. On top, this type of shower head is cozy for both babies and pets. Besides, the shower head flows in a rain-like shower manner to give comfort and clean.

Low Pressured Shower Head

You can understand this shower head system by its name. The low pressured shower head gives massaging shower experience to enjoy bathing on less pressure.

Yet, this type of shower head is quite expensive as they hold restful shower sessions to enjoy. On top, they need small areas to install and consume less water for saving money.

RV Shower Head

If seeking a shower head on a decent price, the RV is the one you need. This type of shower head usually gives high water pressure in a good manner to save water from waste.

Plus, they don’t get clogged for their shower head design. Unsurprisingly, this type of shower head comes in a logical value that’s super easy on the pocket.

Ceiling Shower Head

This type of shower has a classy yet cozy finish that most people desire on their lavatory. Plus, they give a perfect high flowing rainfall in a massaging manner.

But, this shower head isn’t reasonable for the price as they consume water like mad. Yet, they’re quite easy to clean and nozzles are anti-clogged.

Dual Shower Head

For every user, it’s really challenging to pick only rainfall or handheld shower heads as both tops in rank and quality. Why picking only one as you can have both in one shower head? A dual shower head comes with both functions to feel mist, power rain or massaging rainfall.

On top, they come with premium shower-style that’s quite easy to assemble.  Plus, this type of shower head doesn’t need big space for spa-like rainfall.

Single-Spray Shower Head

The most common bathroom used shower head that comes in pocket-friendly price is a single-spray shower head. With this, you can bath in a relaxing sense to rinse your body and hair. On top, they flow waterfall in high pressure to give standard shower experience.

Though they’re good in most ways, this type of shower feels tricky to clean pets and kids. Still, it rocks in features to serve soothing sensation that lasts longer.

Shower Panels

With modern and deluxe design, the shower panels give misty shower feel on every shower. Not only it gives classy looks but also perform well to comfort the body.

This type of shower heads comes with enough water pressure to rinse well on each bath. Plus, they save water from consuming much for avoiding extra spend.


Before thinking you are able to pick any style of shower heads or can hit two birds with one stone, we must say you still need some help to find the best.

Particularly, you need some direction especially while spending on high priced shower heads or a shower system. For that, budget planning is the key to getting desired shower head. While wishing to have cozy and exclusive shower heads for your bathroom, you should plan a balanced budget to beat.

Besides, doing research on every shower head type helps to achieve perfect shower heads on less time and effort.

Thus, with full details of 9 types of shower heads ability, we hope you can pick the most perfect one easily in a reasonable price point.