9 of the Best Belts for Men That Will Complete Any Look


The best belts for men are simple, elegant, and practical. Belts serve two functions: holding your pants up and looking stylish.

A new belt can be the difference between a successful date or losing your pants.

So without further ado, here is a guide that will help you pick a belt to complete any outfit. Read on to find out which are the best belts for men.

1. YOSAR Guide Belts

The YOSAR guide belt is perfect for casual wear and activities. It looks tactical and goes well with jeans and khakis.

Part of the profits from YOSAR guide belts go towards the Yosemite Search and Rescue team. Help a great organization and look good doing it.

2. Slide Ratchet Belt

This belt is one of the most popular online. The slide ratchet belt doesn’t need a lot of available sizes due to its customizable design.

The unique feature is the ratchet system used to fit your waist. Instead of holes or grips, the ratchet system lets you slide and adjust the belt as your weight and shape changes.

3. D Ring Belt

D Ring belts or “football belts” are another casual wear accessory. It is a belt with no extras and the cost reflects it.

Use the double ring to loosen or tighten the belt where it’s most comfortable. Read more now and figure out if this is the perfect gift for your father, brother, or son.

4. Classic Work Belt

The men’s work belt is universally used by everyone from doctors to students. Levi’s work belts look great with any outfit and serves its purpose well.

This is one of the best belts for men, and it should be in every guy’s wardrobe. Double prongs are a timeless and professional look.

5. Tactical Belt

Tactical belts can withstand thousands of pounds of force, and the buckle only needs one hand to undo.

You might not hike or rock climb, but the belt is a great conversation piece. Feel safe knowing your pants will never fall down.

6. Single Prong Leather Belt

A plain strong leather belt is another simple look that can be worn by anyone. Some of these belts are rounded to be comfortable against your waist.

Like all leather belts, it should darken with age to give it a more regal appearance.

7. Reversible Belt

Reversible belts are a great option if you are traveling and need two belts with two colors.

Most reversible belts are not made with high-quality materials so be wary of using it every day.

8. Fabric Belts

For a long time, fabric belts have been reserved for children. These belts have made a comeback due to their comfort and often vibrant colors.

Textured pants and shorts are the perfect match for fabric belts. Avoid using fabric belts for strenuous work.

9. Woven Belts

Maybe you want to add some texture and “razzle-dazzle” to your look. Woven belts are no longer outdated.

Remember, woven belts usually do not work with suits, but some linen suits coordinate well.

Choosing the Best Belts For Men

You don’t need to purchase all nine of these belts. Think about your daily activities and your wardrobe before trying any of the best belts for men.

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