9 Reasons to Buy Wheat Online


Almost as long as there has been wheat, men have traded it. The crop offers a lengthy history of trade, dating back thousands of years. But sometime in the late 1700s, trading of wheat slowed as people turned to the easier cooking methods afforded by pre-milled flour. It is at that time that the nutritional quality of our daily diets started decreasing, too. That is no coincidence, as flour became a mishmash of multiple fillers, well beyond those people expect to find in their bread.

Toward the end of the 18th century, mills and others throughout the wheat distribution chain started “cutting” ground wheat processed for flour with other substances. These include a variety of grains, such as beans and other plants. But they also included sugar and, quite frighteningly, plaster of Paris. The wheat trade sector became so uncontrolled that at least one pioneer homesteader’s book recommended testing flour before using it in recipes. With lemon added to dry flour, you could easily detect the presence of plaster, due to this filler’s tendency to froth on contact with lemon juice.

Still, wheat has prevailed as the number one choice for baking and cereals among all cultures. But crop yields can vary widely from year to year. This staple plant requires very specific soil and climate quality. One year farmers in a region can enjoy a boom. The next, the crops bring on a bust. The plants easily suffer disease, such as the black stem rust fungus of 1660. Even when growing well, too few people control too much of the population’s wheat supply. You never know what could happen, whether based on crop conditions or the whim of man.

Why Buy Wheat Online

Today, many people choose to buy wheat online and keep their own supply, both for nutritional quality and personal security. In the pandemic crisis of 2020, most people experienced their first market shortages in some products, for many painting a picture of “feast or famine” for the first time. Others, such as doomsday preppers, stockpile wheat to feed their families in the event of natural disaster, war or other predicted doom. Whatever the reason for buying and storing your own wheat, there are few downsides to doing so.

According to Henry Kissinger, “He who controls the food, controls the world.” Few foods are essentials today across all cultures. But wheat is that one “wonder food,” the one that translates across geographic boundaries, languages, and civilization levels.

Below, we look at why some people choose to buy wheat online and keep it as their personal stock.

Wheat Satisfies Some Major Dietary Needs

Wheat Satisfies Some Major Dietary Needs

Grain proves both nutritious and hearty. As our “daily bread,” wheat has been part of man’s diet for thousands of years. It will continue being so, either for thousands more or until the crop suffers extinction.

Wheat makes bread, pasta and cereals. You can also add it to soups and stews or meat dishes like meatloaf to bulk a recipe’s yield. This content soothes your appetite while providing many nutrients, namely vitamins.

Wheat Stores Well

Wheat is a hearty filler that fills stomachs and takes away food cravings. But it also stores well, with hard red wheat staying fresh in only mylar bags. In fact, you can keep milled grain purchased online for 25 years when properly sealed. You only need to ensure it is kept free of moisture, heat, pests and light.

When compared to milled flour, wheat is always the better option. Flour does not have the wheat’s protective shell, so it breaks down more and suffers from moulding and moisture.

Wheat Provides Diet-Essential Protein

As humans, we need protein in our diet. The same is true for our livestock on which we depend. Hard white wheat is rich in protein and fibre. This makes it suitable for feeding both man and animals. White wheat is more tolerable for many people with wheat allergies, in fact. It contains less moisture and stores very well for long periods.

Wheat Makes Flour

Many of the foods we enjoy and thrive on contain wheat milled into flour. You cannot create breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, biscuits, pancakes and many other delights without this staple.

Wheat Sprouts Like Beans and Legumes

Many people do not realize that soaking wheat in water can lead to sprouting. This increases the nutritional value and adds more interest to your diet.

You Can Boil Wheat

Cracked wheat makes a delicious and filling breakfast with good nutritional content. Simply boil cracked wheat to make cereal. Use a simple recipe of two parts water to one part washed wheat kernels, with one teaspoon of sea salt per cup of wheat.

Wheat Makes Pasta

Who does not love pasta? Casseroles, soups and pastas are another great reason to buy your wheat online and keep it in stock. Pasta creates a great filler for soups and casseroles, just as much as we all love eating it under a great sauce. You only need a few pasta making tools, wheat berries and a grain mill to make and dry your own macaroni, rigatoni, spaghetti, tortellini, dumplings, lasagna and a wide variety of other noodles.

You Can Eat Wheat Berries Like Rice

Did you know that wheat berries substitute well for rice? You can also use them in place of beans in almost any recipe, like chili. The berries have a slightly nutty flavour that suits many types of cuisine.

Wheat Trade Is a Great Barter

Did you know raw vegan dieters can eat wheat? This miracle plant suits a wide range of diets, nutritional needs, discerning palates and cultures. This makes it excellent for bartering, should drought, insect infestations, disease or other disasters affect crop yields. Stored grain makes great sustenance. Even if you prefer not to barter and only want to keep it all for yourself and your family, wheat is the basic food you need to keep everyone in the household satisfied. But if you decide to barter, you will have the upper hand when it counts most.

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