9 Reasons Why Smokers Need To Switch To Vaping

It’s general knowledge that smoking and drinking are harmful addictions. Many dangers associated with smoking have encouraged smokers to seek alternatives. Medical experts recommend that smokers must quit this habit through healthier options such as vaping or e-cigarettes. These options get a lot of bad press due to a lack of information about them. People tend to exaggerate the effects of e-cigarettes on human health. So, here we’ll explain compelling reasons why vaping helps smokers get better.

How is vaping better than smoking?

Vaping has its benefits and disadvantages. But the harms of e-cigarettes are abstract. For instance, they have acquired a terrible reputation as the youth’s addiction. In conservative households, it’s believed that e-cigarettes are even more harmful than their tobacco predecessors. So, people who try vaping face the same stigma associated with smokers. But these reasons shouldn’t discourage smokers from trying this healthier substitute. Here’s how vaping helps you get rid of your addiction effortlessly:

1. Cheaper than smoking

Statistics show that an average smoker spends $238 every week on this addiction. Getting started on vaping isn’t cheap either, but you only have to worry about the upfront expenses. You’ll have to buy an e-cigarette and relevant accessories first. But vaping becomes more inexpensive than traditional smoking in due course. For some addicts, vaping has proven to be 90% less costly than tobacco cigarettes. So, we reckon one can abandon this deadly addiction by spending fewer dollars on e-cigarettes. Smartpods are an excellent alternative.

2. Easy accessibility

You can purchase vaping products these days from different shops, markets, and convenience stores. Fortunately, many online options are available to buy vape of the best quality, bringing the desired product right to your doorstep. Prices start at $28, and you get many choices; you can choose from many brands of e-liquids. As there’s no combustion involved in vaping, most smoking bans don’t cover e-cigarettes. You can use them without being concerned about annoying people around you.

3. No unpleasant odor

Vaping doesn’t contain that horrible and obnoxious smell often associated with heavy smokers. This unpleasant stench spreads in a smoker’s car, clothes, and even their house. It’s repulsive and also vomit-inducing for non-smokers. But e-cigarettes have a decent aroma that’s far away from the nasty reek of cigarette butts and their stale smoke. Flavored e-cigarettes don’t smell like burning tobacco; instead, they have a barely noticeable fragrance that’s even deemed pleasant.

4. Controls your nicotine intake

Vaping gives you power over your nicotine intake so that you can regulate it according to your taste and requirement. You can acquire e-juices ranging from nicotine-free options to heavy dosages. It’s you who decides how much nicotine there should be in your cigarettes now. You can even remove this chemical altogether while you’re vaping. Smokers often reach this level by gradually lowering their habitual nicotine intake, which helps them overcome their addiction efficiently.

5. Safer than cigarettes

Though vaping isn’t completely healthy, it’s safer than tobacco cigarettes since e-liquids have fewer dangerous chemicals that don’t linger inside your lungs. Medical experts believe that vaping is a better option than traditional cigarettes for smokers. A PHE-published report concluded that vaping was 95% less harmful than smoking. E-cigarettes also pose negligible risks to bystanders than conventional cigarettes. Plus, vaping is a combustion-free alternative to tobacco smoking.

6. Better than other NRTs

Experts have found that vaping has been effective at helping smokers abandon this addiction. Most adults in the United Kingdom utilize vaping products to reduce smoking. Research also confirms that vaping is more effective than traditional NRTs (nicotine replacement therapies). And these NRTs include inhalers, tablets, and nicotine gums or patches.

7. You can still smoke

Unlike many NRTs, vaping doesn’t require you to quit smoking entirely. You can utilize tobacco cigarettes and their electronic alternatives simultaneously. So, addicts have the option to assume a combined approach that helps them overcome this habit gradually. They can reduce their cigarette consumption in stages by vaping when commuting and smoking at home. This approach enables them to transition eventually to vaping while becoming smoke-free at a relaxed pace.

8. Vapor doesn’t linger

Vapors emitted by tobacco cigarettes are poisonous and harmful to human health. They even last in the air for over thirty minutes, thereby compromising the quality of your environment. In contrast, the vapors produced by e-cigarettes don’t linger and disperse within seconds. Tobacco emissions can sink into your domestic fabrics, furniture, and furnishings. That’s why smokers have to tolerate their walls and clothes getting stained and stinky but using e-cigarettes eliminates this concern.

9. No risk to bystanders

Secondhand smoking threatens the health of your family, your friends, and even bystanders. Vaping, however, doesn’t harm others near you at all. Nothing comes out of your e-cigarette tip that could endanger the wellbeing of your children. That’s why vaping constitutes a more secure alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, traditional cigarettes have over 70 known carcinogens that may lead to cancer. So, vaping also makes you less vulnerable to cancer and similar grave maladies.


Vaping – like marijuana consumption – has become the target of debates among medical experts. Does switching to e-cigarettes help you get any healthier? It does help you quit smoking and get rid of your addiction. Several reasons make vaping a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Since they involve no combustion, electronic cigarettes leave behind no ash. They include fewer harmful chemicals and are a more budget-friendly option for smokers. You can choose between several delicious flavors without any risk of bad smell/taste. Smokers can even improve their cardiovascular health by switching to vaping.