9 Tips for stress-free car hire


Car rental should be a hassle-free process;however, this is not always true. That is why we have compiled these ten useful tips to take into consideration when you are opting to hire a car soon.

1. Make thorough comparisons

Remember, different car rental agencies include dissimilar things in their advertised fees. Shop around and be aware of hidden or additional fees. Avoid just comparing the advertised fees.

2. Check for insurance

The excess charges on insurance claims can be significant. They can be lowered with additional insurance;however, this depends on the company. This could substantially amplify the overall cost associated with your car hire. Before booking, first inquire about the excess and what the costs would be for reducing your liability. If the excess amount is too substantial, it is worth buying separate insurance to cover the excess in the event of something going wrong. 

3. Remember to check the small print

When it comes to car rental, it is essential to check the small print terms and conditions. Ask questions if anything in the agreement is not clear to you. Before making a booking, also look at the cancellation terms. Some car rental agencies permit cancellation at no cost if given at short notice while others might not be so forgiving. Also find out what you must do in case of a breakdown. Also inquire about what happens if the car somehow sustains damages but the fault was due to someone else. Always obtain a call reference number and the particulars of the agent that you have spoken to. When it comes to hiring a car, ensure you deal with a reputable agent such as Rental Center Crete – Car hire.

4. Inquire about a deposit

Steer clear from pricey deposits for car rental fuel policies that are significant. Some agencies deduct money from your bank account as a deposit, not simply an imprint on your bank card. Inquire about the deposit amount and make sure you have sufficient credit on your card to pay for holiday expenditure and the deposit. 

5. Do not overlook windscreens and tyres

Once you have purchased all the additional insurance, it is possible that any damage that is sustained on thewindscreen, thetires, or the car’s undercarriage is not covered. Request if you can buy additional cover. When collecting the car, always check the condition of the tires, as well as the spare. Speak to a salesperson if you find anything amiss.

6. Check for age-related premiums

Many car rental agencies charge a higher premium for drivers under twenty-one years, and some of the higher-performance vehicles will be limited to those older than twenty-five years. In some instance, the company will not rent cars to individuals exceeding seventy years of age.

7. Have a look at the fuel policy

Different car rental agencies have different fuel policies. The best way to go is usually driving the vehicle away with full gas tank and return it to the car hire agency with a full tank. Paying the rental agency for fuel usage can be incredibly expensive. Before arrival, inquire if the vehicle will have a full tank when collecting. Also have a look at any rules that apply to late pick-ups.

8. Find out about fees for delays

Delays happen all the time and some car rental agencies are somewhat lenient if you flight was delayed. However, this is not true for all companies and some might charge you extra. Ask them beforehand what should happen if you were delayed and check if you can collect the vehicle after hours.

9. Always adhere to the drop-off procedure

Have a look at the statement and see if you were charged afterwards for any damages to the car after the drop-off, especially if you dropped it off after hours. Try to return the vehicle to a manned desk and obtain a receipt for safe return. If you drop it off outside office hours, make sure you stick to the agency’s drop-off procedure and take a video or photos as proof that you left it in good condition.

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