9 Tips on Buying Flowers Online


Flowers are often sent as gifts as a way of expressing care and affection. When people receive flowers, they always feel a little happier and smile back at you. Most people don’t grow flowers for cutting in their garden. They would be happy if someone gave them the flowers. The easiest way to buy flowers for your loved ones is via the online flower delivery store. The following are 9 tips on buying flowers online.

1. Check Whether the Flowers are in Season

First of all, you need to check what flowers are in season as seasonal flowers will offer more bang for your buck. It is helpful to get familiar with the flowers in the season if you have a special event coming up. In this way, you will be able to choose the flowers that are available abundantly during the celebration. You can visit your nearest library to find out guides on the seasonal flowers available in your region.

2. Sending Meaningful Flowers

Next, you need to make sure you choose the correct flowers for the recipient. Different colors of flowers have different meanings. You should search online and check what different colors of the type of flower you want to buy mean. In this way, you will be able to order a custom bouquet with the meaning you want to tell the recipient.

3. Respect the Recipient’s Culture

You need to respect the recipient’s culture when buying floral gifts. For example, when you want to give thanks to someone in China, you can send the person sunflowers or carnations. Bamboo is the best gift for wishing someone financial success. In Russia, red flowers are a suitable gift for family and loved ones. You can give older women potted plants in Russia.

4. Navigate Around the Online Florist Site

You can use the navigation at the online florist site to find the flowers you want to buy. For example, if you are buying flowers for Christmas, you can navigate to the Christmas category. The bouquet you purchase at the online florist site is usually prearranged by professional florists and they come at affordable prices.

5. Find Out the Flower Delivery Date

You need to check with the recipient on the most convenient date for her to receive the flowers. This is especially when the person is busy and seldom at home. You will have to call the recipient and ask him for the address where the flower is to be delivered and the date he will be available to sign for the flower delivery. The online florist will not refund or reroute the flowers to your address if the person is not available. If the recipient will not be available, you can send it to the neighbor and ask him to help keep the flower gift until he comes home.

6. Check for Extra Fees

It is important to check for the extra fees when you are buying flowers online. Often, the flower delivery service has a service fee which is charged for the service of the person ringing the doorbell and delivering the flower to the recipient. The delivery man will obtain the signature of the recipient before leaving. There is also the delivery fee, which is the shipping cost to the address of the recipient. Besides, you need to check if there is an add-on that is automatically added to your order at the checkout. These add-ons may cost you extra and you will want to determine whether it is necessary to include these add-ons with the flower gift.

7. Find Out How the Flowers Will Be Delivered

You need to find out how the flowers will arrive at the recipient’s address. Many online florists would deliver the flower bouquet wrapped in cellophane or box. The flowers can also be prearranged in a vase and delivered to the recipient. In this case, you need to purchase the vase as an add-on for the flower bouquet order. Ordering a vase is recommended if the recipient does not have a vase.

8.  Check for the Delivery Options

You want to check the delivery options that are provided by the online florist. It should offer same-day delivery if you are placing last minute flower orders on a special occasion. During a holiday occasion, the local florist shops will be sold out but you can still rely on an online florist to send the flowers to your loved ones on time.

9. Compare the Prices

You can visit several online florist stores and compare the prices. You will find that some florist stores may offer the same bouquet for a little bit cheaper. You may want to use a coupon code to get a discount on last-minute flowers. On holiday occasions, the flowers for sale at the online florist stores are also often discounted.


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