9 Trends for Men This Spring


The modern landscape, look, and feel of menswear is rapidly evolving right before our very eyes. Marked by bright colors, eye-catching shapes, and adventurous edge, 2020 trends have kicked off with plenty of aesthetic interest. Leave behind restrictive and prescriptive old rules constrained by aged expectations and enter the new age with these outstanding 9 fashion trends for men this spring.

1.Open-Collar Shirts

As the weather gets warmer and the sunbeams shine on longer, your clothing selection should become lighter and more hot-weather friendly. Not only are open collar shirts great for layering, but they’re also outstanding pieces on their own. Equally sexy and functional, open-collar shirts are a great way to look good and feel good all spring long.

2. Satin

Characterized by a soft, silky, and effortlessly glossy texture, satin is no longer reserved for womenswear. This gorgeous fabric decorated Fashion Week runways across the globe, showcasing exactly how versatile and visually appealing it is. Whether you’re sporting a satin Cuban collar shirt or a luxurious pair of satin shorts, this elegant fabric is sure to have you feeling like a million bucks with every single wear.

3. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees will never go out of style you heard it here first! Whether you like the vintage rock band tee look or the more modern sci-fi poster tee, there’s no going wrong with a shirt that puts your personal tastes on display in more ways than one. The beauty of the graphic tee is that there’s no such thing as too many. They’re great for days running errands or nights out with the boys. Oversized, fitted, or even cropped, these days, the options are virtually endless in the graphic tee department.

4. Jewelry

Don’t underestimate the power of a wardrobe that properly utilizes the glitz and glam of men’s jewelry. Throw away your preconceived notions of what men’s jewelry should look like and master the art of accessorizing. Whether you’re donning a sleek black watch for men with a tonal look or a few silver statement rings to embellish an everyday ensemble, don’t be afraid to spice it up.

Experiment with the following men’s jewelry pieces:

  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Watches

5. Rugby Shirts

There’s a certain brilliance hidden in the low-key essence of a classic rugby shirt. An admirable balance between masculinity and soft comfortability, rugby shirts are the epitome of leisurewear that looks chic and put together when paired with chinos, jeans, or joggers. Experiment with patterns like stripes, paisley or animal print to make your rugby your own.

6. Pastels

We all have a comfort zone when it comes to our closets, but true innovation occurs the moment we step outside of it. Unless you’re fine and dandy with dealing with style stagnance, peering outside of your comfort zone may introduce you to a myriad of new trends that will make you stand out by design. Pastels fit that exact mold.

Pastels fit

There’s no shame in sticking to your favorite minimalist colors like black, grey, cream, and white, but splashing in a bit of pastel can make for a high-fashion look that exudes confidence and color. Try out a pastel pink with a light heather grey or a pastel blue with a crisp, clean white. The color combos are truly endless.

7. Bucket Hats

From the likes of Louis Vuitton to Valentino, Fashion Week transported us back to the 90s with the surprising return of the bucket hat. Great for dressed-down looks, bucket hats epitomize fashion and function and pull together the utility fad with seamless effort.

8. Oversized Sunglasses

You’ll always have the comfort, security, and timeless fashionability of classic aviators and wayfarers, but for those looking to dive into a more modern trend, opt for oversized sunglasses. Inspired by the 1990s and early 2000s, oversized sunglasses add plenty of interest and dimension to your face while protecting your pupils from the sun’s glow. Though leveraging trends of the past, men’s oversized glasses serve up chic, futurism that strays away from the status quo.

9. Short Shorts

If you didn’t already know, quads are the new biceps. Give into the leggy trend by sporting a pair of ultra-flattering short shorts. These mid-thigh bottoms have catapulted back into mainstream popularity and serve as the perfect excuse to show off your legs.

Make spring 2020 your season of reinvention by breathing new life into your style with these 9 fashion-forward trends for men.

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