9 Ways Men Can Be Classy Without Luxury


It’s often been assumed that men should care less about how they look because it doesn’t matter. It’s the reason why as a child, no one ever complained that much when you got yourself dirty at the playground. As much as it doesn’t hurt to get your hands dirty every once in a while, especially when you’re at work, you have to be conscious about how you look. In this world, people expect so much from you since you’re a man. Since you are supposed to be someone that makes a huge impact, you’ve to dress like someone that’s capable of doing so.

Here are 9 strategies that you can use to look classy without being too extravagant.

1. Have Confidence

Interestingly, the number one tip doesn’t involve any clothes, it’s all about you. In the words of Mark Twain, ‘the clothes don’t make the man. Instead, it’s the man that makes the clothes.’ Your self-confidence decides whether what you wear looks good on you or not. When you have self-confidence, you know what you want and stand for in life.

That sense of self-awareness is contagious and can show when you wear something that you like and is generally classy. People notice that aura and admire both you and your dress code. If you are lacking in this department, find a mentor that can teach you how to be self-confident without looking arrogant.

2. Don’t Overdress for a Date


Although it’s cool that you want to impress that crush that just agreed to go out with you, don’t overdo it with the outfit. This because doing too much can make you lose focus of what’s really important – your date and communication during that moment. Adam White, founder of JasperHollandCo.com, explains that with the recent trend of men dressing more casually regardless of the situation, it is possible to have the perfect date night t-shirt that looks classy but still feels casual. Therefore, you don’t have to try so hard to impress. Just be smart and confident, and everything will be okay.

3. Have the Right Footwear

As a man, you’re more likely to be judged by your footwear than any other piece of cloth on your body. Remember when I said that the world places a lot of responsibilities on a man’s shoulders. Well, your shoes can tell people about your net worth and the kind of job that you do. For this reason, you should be ready to spend some money on a pair of good leather dress shoes. Make sure that you’ve at least two pairs of quality dress shoes in your wardrobe.

To understand the importance of a good dress shoe, you’ve to look at its outward appearance. Whether you go for Oxfords or loafers, you’ll notice that they all have something in common. Their stitching is top notch, and the finish pays special attention to detail. When you confidently wear a good pair of dress shoes, you show the world that you’re someone that’s very cautious about how you present yourself.

4. Take Care When Handling your Clothes and Shoes


Being classy is all about responsibility and durability. You don’t have to go buy a new dress shirt every time you have a meeting or any other important occasion. As long as you buy quality clothes, they can last you a lifetime if you know how to properly take care of them. Invest in a good pair of wooden hangers for your clothes.

This is because wooden hangers are more durable, and they don’t stretch out your clothes. Get shoe trees for your dress shoes to keep them in shape and increase their durability. Have a good iron and make sure that you know how to properly iron your clothes. In addition, be careful on the type of detergent that you use to wash your clothes.

5. Wear Fitting Clothes

Another way to be classy without being too luxurious is to wear clothes that properly fit. If it’s a shirt or t-shirt, make sure that the shoulder width is just right, and the clothing doesn’t feel too baggy on the sides. If it’s long sleeved, don’t let it go past an inch of the palm of your hands. When it comes to pants, they should have a good circumference that accurately fits your thigh, waist, seat, and ankle. They should also have the correct inseam length – not too short or long. If you can’t find clothes that properly fit you, buy ones that can be slightly modified by a good tailor to fit you.

6. Wear a Nice Suit

Wear a Nice Suit

A suit is a must-have for any gentleman. This is because it’s perfect for any formal occasion. It doesn’t matter whether you buy your suit from a high end store or a thrift shop. The secret to a good suit is a nice personal tailor. If you know someone that’s good at making suits or sewing, you can turn even the most ordinary suit into something classy and elegant. Add your confidence to the mix, and you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Therefore, invest in a nice fitting suit.

7. Buy Quality Clothes

The good thing about most men is that we don’t do a lot of shopping so it’s highly unlikely that our wardrobes will be full of clothes that we don’t wear. However, when you go for shopping, go for simple and quality clothes. Don’t buy something that might clash with the rest of the outfits in your wardrobe. Always make sure that you have a blue or white dress shirt in your wardrobe. These clothes are perfect for any occasion. Another important suggestion is that if you must go for jeans, go for dark blue since they can be both formal and informal.

8. Get Rid of Old Clothes

If there’s a shirt or trouser that you have always worn since your teenage years, it might be time to get rid of them especially if they are faded. Looking classy is also about knowing when to let go and move on to better clothing. You can donate those clothes to people that really need them and invest in new ones that are presentable and fit well.

9. Don’t Go With the Fashion Trends

The fashion world is very dynamic. What seems nice and trendy today can be history tomorrow. As a gentleman that knows what he wants out of life, avoid going with the fashion trends. Stick to your normal well-fitted suit and tie for formal occasions. You can occasionally switch it up by wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt to an outdoor event. Therefore, being classy is less about fashion and more about looking good.

As a man, you have to look presentable and someone that knows where he is going with his life. Use the above tips to look classy and elegant without overspending. Something else that you should always remember is that a man is nothing without his self-esteem. Therefore, make sure that you are confident in yourself and how you look before others can appreciate being in your presence.

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