90 Music Essay Topics to Get Your Homework Done

When writing music essays, you will need to get the highly competitive topics. The major challenge comes during selecting the topics because the areas are complicated. Lovers of music will choose to get the enticing and exciting topics. 

Music has many categories, which tend to make the topic selection a bit challenging. You need to get an inspirational topic to the readers and do your writing professionally. Knowing what to write about and how to write the essays is essential in this case.

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Writing music essays

The music essay has a format that is not very complicated. You will use a style that has the following parts.

  • Introduction- here, you explain the title and the importance of what you want to talk about.
  • Thesis statement- your main idea for the essay should feature at this point.
  • The body- this part contains your main argument and the points. It covers between 3 and 5 paragraphs.
  • Argument paragraph- if your essay has taken the style of arguments, you will need to pose your opinion in the body paragraphs.
  • Conclusion- you need to create the final direction after talking about the issues in the body. You will use a catchy phrase to sum up, the essay. 

Choosing music essay topic ideas

Writers have a wide range of essays to choose from, although most tutors prefer argumentative essays. The essay should continually develop an idea. You have to ensure that the topic solves a problem or explains an issue that is not clear.

In matters of explanation, the essay must give clear and concise information. It is also a good thing to check on the topic’s relevance regarding the improvement of music and its understanding. Areas that need more consideration make the process of essay writing more effective.

Music-essay topic ideas

The good thing about music is that it covers many aspects and study areas. Some of the best and general topics include;

  1. History of music
  2. Origin of the rock and jazz music
  3. The romantic nature of music
  4. The effect of rap music on the current music
  5. Association between music and molding of behavior
  6. Use of music in teaching
  7. Classical music and classwork
  8. Does playing music and instruments improve the mental potential
  9. Role of music in a country’s education
  10. Perception of music by older people and the youth
  11. Cultural conflicts and the role of music in solution creation
  12. The best musicians and their habits
  13. Heritage of music composers
  14. Tools for the design of music instruments
  15. Assessment between music and personal mental state
  16. Music and the infants
  17. Cultural events and music
  18. Different genres of music and their origin
  19. Misconceptions of music in different countries and the united states
  20. Modern music and the classical players
  21. Rehabilitation role of music
  22. Is music art, or can it be changed to theory
  23. Music and political gatherings
  24. Music taste and the influence
  25. Does music influence people
  26. Combination of music and dance
  27. Music in elementary school curriculums
  28. History of music in the united states
  29. The best guitars for playing various music
  30. Why Gibson guitar is the most popular
  31. Ethics and music production
  32. Genres of music and their age groups
  33. Rap versus rock music

Argumentative music essays

  1. Can rock music influence people?
  2. Does listening to music spoil children?
  3. Does social media deteriorate music?
  4. Is there equality for male and women performers?
  5. Do rock and classical music confuse?
  6. Pros and cons of traditional music?
  7. Is Christian music a substitute for traditional music?
  8. Do music contests matter?
  9. What about Christian metal music?
  10. Should people write music lyrics for their benefit?
  11. Is music circulation promotion of music?
  12. Should the media ban performers from live presentations?
  13. Does music influence habits?
  14. Is there music for a specific gender?
  15. How do we assess the quality of music?
  16. Does music have adverse effects?
  17. Do college bands serve the music role?
  18. Which is the actual value of music?
  19. Does Christian music mean purity?
  20. Does some music make people attached to religion?
  21. Is streaming music better?
  22. How long do you need to listen to music?
  23. Does recording influence the music quality?
  24. Do instruments make the music better?
  25. What about balancing vocals and instruments?
  26. Should I start a music career?
  27. Are music and fashion related?
  28. What about music changes?
  29. Electronic and traditional music?
  30. What about the changes in instruments?

Informative music essay topics

  1. How do I start music?
  2. How do I learn music?
  3. Combination of traditional and current instruments?
  4. How do you choose musical instruments?
  5. How to balance music sound effects?
  6. How to use music for self-improvement
  7. Improving music skills?
  8. Music and rhythm
  9. Music devotional aspect
  10. Music and cinema
  11. The religious significance of music
  12. Hindu music
  13. African music
  14. Klezmer music
  15. Rapping styles
  16. Old school music
  17. Graffiti dance
  18. Hip hop music suitability
  19. Music and insecurities
  20. Role of rapping in hip hop
  21. Modern music
  22. Premium music instruments
  23. Old school instruments
  24. Music and poetry
  25. Muslim music
  26. Choral music
  27. Clothes and music


There are many topics you can work on within music. Most of these have their value that you need to understand. Don’t miss your essay, as we are ready to help you have a better write-up.