90s Fashion Trends That Might Be Making a Comeback


The 90s had several fashion trends that might seem too funny or nonsensical today. Platform shoes, for instance, were simply uncomfortable and dangerous to boot. Butterfly clips were pretty, but a bit childish when you think about it. However, there’s really nothing that can predict fashion trends, so there’s no telling when these items might be all the rage once again.

In fact, many of the fashion trends we associate with the 90s might already be making a comeback (if they haven’t done so already). Many of these have gained their popularity back due to their comfort level or just because they started looking good to us again. Below are just a few of the iconic fashion trends of the 90s that are being seen on the streets and the screen again: 



Cardigans were an easy, versatile piece of clothing that gained a lot of popularity in the 90s. They might have gone out of style for a while, but you can now buy them for your 2020s wardrobe without feeling outdated. They’ll come in handy for throwing over your shoulders when the evenings get a little chilly, tying around your waist for a fashion statement, or when you want to sport a layered look. 

Updated versions of the 90s cardigan look especially chic when you wear them with the right top. Some celebrities and influencers such as Kendall Jenner have even worn cropped cardigans and worn them with loose jeans recently.

All Kinds of Headbands

All Kinds of Headbands

If you wanted to dress up for a 90s-themed party, chances are that you’d be sporting a thick headband or one of those zigzag versions. However, those headbands are now considered as perfectly acceptable hair accessories. They hold your hair back on a windy day, make it easy to wash your face properly, and can complement any outfit if you have the right style. 

Headbands are now being seen on fashion runways and on several Instagram accounts. This means that it’s probably just a matter of time before everyone starts donning those nostalgia-inducing accessories.

Caption or Band T-Shirts

Caption or Band T-Shirts

You’d want to check out some classic rock T-shirts right away, as these are coming back into vogue quite rapidly. Not only are they super comfy and suitable for everyday wear, but they’d always look cool for a casual outing or meetup. Almost every brand is now coming out with captioned T-shirts as well, so you can proclaim your principles while staying cool and trendy. 

In addition to band names and captions, you can also get themed T-shirts according to your specific interest or hobbies. There are several options centered around Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and many other fandoms. 

Novelty Backpacks

Novelty Backpacks

Back in the 90s heyday, backpacks were trendy even if they weren’t in a very practical design. We’re talking mini backpacks, fluffy backpacks, and even those that come in the shape of animals. They’re all back with a bang now, so see if you can get your hands on one as soon as possible.  

In the 90s, there was a lot to cram into those tiny backpacks. Now, we have little more than a smartphone and makeup essentials to fit in. This trend is more practical today, though it’s more in vogue because of the cutesy nature of these bags. 

Fashionistas are also toting around backpacks covered with rhinestones and other shiny add-ons. You may also find many designers expanding the horizons when it comes to backpacks. The trend isn’t old-school anymore, but a raging frenzy that’s backed by the likes of Burberry, Chanel, and several other major brands. 

Brown Lipstick

Back in the 1990s, brown lipstick was perfect for many fashion trends. It paired well with both the goth and the grunge styles, so you needed to have one in your kit just in case. Even if you preferred the loud, neon colors of the 90s, brown lipstick was the perfect way to set off those bold tones. 

As time went by, brown lipstick somewhat faded into the background. It became more of a choice for the older generation or anyone who didn’t want to stick out too much. Bright red and pinks were trending, but it seems like a whole range of rich brown has now joined the race. The ever-popular Kylie lip kits feature a lovely brown option that’s snapped up by makeup lovers, while other big names are also coming out with amazing versions of brown lip shades. 



This term might not have been so common in the 90s, but the concept certainly was. Remember how everyone used to walk around in tracksuits, track pants, and letterman jackets even when they weren’t exercising or playing a sport? Those days are probably already back; if not, it’s only a matter of time before people in your area realize the wisdom of wearing athleisure. 

As the name suggests, this trend is all about donning clothes that are meant for exercising but using them for everyday wear. And why not? Athleisure options are loose, comfy, and get even better with wearing and stretching. They can even look chic along with being breezy options for a casual day. However, it’s all too easy to look sloppy in clothes like these, so plan out your look beforehand. Several brands have launched their own forms of athleisure wear; check them out to get some good cuts and styles in your wardrobe. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

After the 90s, cargo pants were ignored in favor of skinny, fitted jeans that threatened to cut off our blood circulation. Luckily, this isn’t the case anymore. Cargo pants are not just loose and super-comfy, but they also have all those extra pockets. Granted, they’re rarely used, but it’s nice to know that there’s a pocket handy just in case.

These pants could be worn plain or in camouflage prints, and still can. Models and influencers such as Gigi Hadid have been seen wearing a pair with a cropped jacket, so there’s no reason why we can’t replicate the look. 


Before you pull out your old 90s wardrobe, make sure to check out the difference between vintage and retro clothing. Many of the fashion trends of that long-gone decade might be considered ‘in’ again, but that doesn’t mean everything will be just the same as it was. You might have to tone down a few elements, mix and match others, and see if something really looks good on you before making it a part of your routine. 

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