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90s Trends and Fads That We Want to See Again

The trends and fads of the 90s were exciting, unique, and quite edgy for their time. We still remember them fondly, especially when a certain fad was actually useful and convenient. A fanny pack might look out of place today if you’re not a tourist, but it would certainly be useful on a long commute or whenever you want to keep your hands free. 

Other than the nostalgic factor, there are several fads that we would like to see in mainstream culture again. Some of the most popular 90s trends are already making a comeback. Here’s our take on what else should be on the list: 

Timeless Prints

Timeless Prints

It’s difficult to explain what exactly a ‘timeless print’ is, but think of dresses like the dotted one that Julia Roberts wore in ‘Pretty Woman’. Another good example might be the simple dresses donned by Jamie Lee Curtis in her 90s heyday. Polka dots might have been the defining print of that decade, but you could say the same of stripes as well. 

We’ve had a lot of interesting clothing potions of late, but those simple dots and stripes are refreshingly easy on the eyes. They can also be mixed and matched quite easily, adding texture to an outfit or making it less flamboyant. 

Bold Blazers

The 90s was a time when celebrities were rapidly evolving into fashion icons that people could actually emulate instead of just admiring from afar. Stars like Elizabeth Berkley, who played the character of Jessica Spano in the hit show ‘Saved By the Bell’, would set a fashion example through their unique styles. Loud blazers with either printed patterns or solid colors were just one example of the influence these celebrities had on the 90s fashion culture. Even wearing a T-shirt under a blazer was enough to make an ensemble look chic and trendy. 

Whole loud prints might not be very welcome today, we’d really like to see the colorful blazer back in vogue. They were practical for covering up when the day or night got chilly; plus, you could use them as a brightening accessory for an otherwise uninspiring outfit. For more protective clothing, check out these rain essentials for the fashionable woman

The Futuristic Look

In the 90s, the new millennium was on the horizon. With technology developing rapidly as well, it wasn’t surprising that everyone was looking forward to a Space Age-like future. The futuristic look was hence quite trendy at the time, especially when it came to celebrities like Rachel Blanchard, Stacey Dash, and the Spice Girls. 

The fabrics used to achieve such a look were mostly vinyl and patent leather. This didn’t really make for a very comfortable outfit, so it’s no wonder the fad tapered off. Still, we’d like to see such styles becoming common again, if only because they were fun and interesting. Plus, such clothes also came with the optimistic feeling of beginning a new era. We’d like to recapture that wide-eyed optimism and sport some bright vinyl threads at the same time. 

The Leather Look

 With rock, alternative rock, and disco inspiring the fads of the 90s, it should be no surprise that the leather jacket was a must-have in every wardrobe. Men and women alike wore this universal item of clothing with their T-shirts, button-down shirts, and even fluorescent colors. Plus, the influence of musical artists also meant that leather dresses and skirts were also trendy. 

While skirts and dresses made of leather don’t seem very appealing anymore, the leather jacket is certainly a timeless choice. If you get your hands on a decent-quality leather jacket today, it will probably go with most of your casual wardrobe. 

Anything in Denim

The 90s had us all wearing denim in full force; this included not just jackets and jeans, but also skirts, shirts, backpacks, and several other items. Acid-wash jeans were a major fashion statement back then, but what we really long for are the denim skirts and jackets. 

Denim skirts look great no matter who wears them, while the jackets can be suitable for almost any season. We could also customize our jackets with patches and buttons, just like we used to do in the 90s. 

Skirt Suits

If you were a professional worker back in the 90s or just want to copy them, you’d know that the classic skirt ensemble is one of the best choices for work. The skirt suits that were preferred by Princess Diana are a classic choice, so see if you can pull them off. We’d certainly like to see that elegant outfit come back in style. 

Let’s face it; the skirt suit was quite comfortable while looking suitable for an official day at work. It was also undeniably feminine, so we’re not compromising anything here.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are a combination of good old Keds (or similar shoes) and platform sandals. While they certainly weren’t suitable for running, these shoes provided both comfort as well as the addition of several inches to your height. 

For now, these shoes might be spotted on certain celebrities or influencers who could get their hands on them. We hope they might become available in mainstream shops sometime soon; while they might still be a dangerous way to walk, the height and comfort factors are quite tempting. 

Crushed Velvet

Even hearing the word ‘velvet’ is enough to make many of us break out in a sweat during the hot summer days. However, crushed velvet was the perfect fabric to make a dress for that all-important winter dance or any outdoor party. You don’t have to worry much about wrinkling it, while the fabric itself was fairly lightweight. It still kept you warm, which is always a bonus. 


With the trends and ads we’ve just discussed, looking towards the 90s for your next wardrobe update might not be such a bad idea. Some of the clothing styles and other trending fads might require a slight update if we want to sport them today. Once those little tweaks are done with, we can go ahead and enjoy our 90s-inspired wardrobe. Here are some business fashion trends that can also enhance your wardrobe next spring

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