Considered to be one of the most successful pop artist of the 80’s, Wham! Is an English duo composed of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. They had several worldwide chart topping songs like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, “Careless Whisper”, and “Everything She Wants”. Over the course of their career, Wham! … Read more

Who Were the Greatest Sports Teams of All Time?

Who Were the Greatest Sports Teams of All Time

For as long as there have been team sports, there have been arguments about who the GOATs, or Greatest Of All Time, have been. Here’s a list that should settle the matter once and for all (until the next time you argue about it with your mates, of course.) RUGBY: The All … Read more

The Top Male Pop Stars of the 80s

Black and white image of Micheal Jackson singing image

The era when hair touched the skies and “shoulder pads” weren’t considered as cringe worthy, everything seemed cool in the 80s. So, to keep up with the times, we’ve complied a list of the biggest-selling male pop artists of that time. Each of the stellar names on the list below attained equally … Read more

Top 80s Boy Bands

It seems like ever since the Beatles became famous, almost every decade started to produce a special group of boys that perform pop music with perfectly blended voices and catchy tunes. Over the years, the concept of boy bands has evolved and it seems like every generation has its classics. Some of … Read more

Top British Bands of the 80s

Back in the early 80s, when the new wave movement eschewed blues and rock ‘n’ roll and brought about new genres like pop and rock music. Punk rock music and new wave were mostly interchangeable. At least they were, until punk rock (which would later go on to be called ‘post-punk’) became … Read more

Artists Profile: George Michael

George Michael

Introduction George Michael was an English singer-songwriter who rose to fame during the 80s music scene. His catchy post-disco dance songs became global hits, including “Careless Whisper,” “Faith,” “Father Figure,” “One More Try,” “Monkey,” “Kissing a Fool,” “Praying for Time,” “Freedom! 90,” “Too Funky,” “Jesus to a Child,” “Fastlove,” and any others. … Read more