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Classic Rock

Here at MentalItch we have almost a thousand profiles of classic rock and oldies music artist and bands.

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Must Have 80s Concert T-Shirts

In the 80s, hairspray, spandex, and rock music were very popular. If you’re from that decade, maybe you still remember…

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Guide to 80s Music Videos

Music television and VH1 became the new jukebox for a whole generation of music fans in the 80s. During those…

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80s Music Books – 10 Books You’ll Want to Read

If you love music, then you likely keep your favorite bands’ or artists’ albums, posters, and other merchandise. Maybe you…

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The Best Rock and Pop T-Shirts of the 80s

Music lovers have always had strong stardom for their favorite singers and bands. From following their style trends to putting…

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Artist Profile: Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer was an English musician that was born in January 1949. He was also a record producer known for…

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