History of Jazz Music

jazz musician playing trumpet

In the early twentieth century, Jazz was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Considering that New Orleans had several different nationalities traveling through their port for several reasons, there were a lot of musical influences that graced the land of New Orleans such as French military band music, Spanish folk music, European ballroom … Read more

Moe Koffman – A Multi-Talented and Respected Jazz Musician

Moe Koffman – A Multi Talented and Respected Jazz Musician

Short career summary on Moe Koffman Moe Koffman was a jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer. In 1950 the Canadian native moved to the US to perform in big bands, especially those of Jimmy Dorsey and Sonny Dunham for about five years until he returned to his hometown Toronto to form a … Read more

The Story and Music of Jazz Trumpeter Sil Austin

Sil Austin

Introduction Sil Austin is the late American saxophonist, born in 1929. Although his top preference would always be jazz, Austin recorded in other different genres such as R&B, pop, blues, jump blues, and even country, funk and disco. A self-taught musician, Austin first spent his professional years by playing for groups of … Read more

The Story and Music of Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen

Kenny Ball

Introduction to Kenny Ball Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen were most popular trad jazz band in the early 60s music scene.  Led by trumpet playing Kenny Ball (born Kenneth Daniel Ball on March 22, 1930) the band had several hits in the UK and one huge international hit “Midnight in Moscow” which … Read more

What Were the Top Musical Groups of the 2000s

The 2000s were a decade of outstanding music, with several iconic musical groups from various genres rising to prominence. The 2000s produced some of the most memorable and enduring singles of all time, ranging from rock to hip-hop, pop to alternative. The music of the 2000s made a lasting impression on our … Read more

What Were the Top Musical Groups of the 2010s

Imagine Dragons in 2013

Numerous musicians and bands burst onto the scene in the 2010s, attracting listeners worldwide. The decade witnessed a proliferation of various musical talents, from mainstream superstars to underground darlings. Amidst this plethora of musical options, a handful of bands emerged as industry heavyweights, capturing listeners with fresh takes on old favorites and … Read more

Top Musical Artists of the 90s

musical garden

Introduction Music underwent both progression and change throughout the 1990s. Hip hop, alternative rock, pop, grunge—the 1990s gave birth to some of the most important and enduring musicians in history. We will travel back in time and review the most popular musical figures of the 1990s in this post. We will explore … Read more

How To Improve Your Musical Skills As An Adult Today

How To Improve Your Musical Skills As An Adult Today

As an adult, it can be challenging to find the time and energy to pursue new interests, let alone master a new skill like music. However, there is always time to pick up a new hobby, especially one as enriching as music. So whether you’ve never played an instrument before or are … Read more